Region issues.

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Hi Duders, I'm from India but I picked up a copy of BF3 from the US. Now I want to get into the premium pack. How do I go about doing this?

I already have a PSN with an american address, but can I use a non-US credit card to buy stuff from the US PSN store? I'm worried about the billing address not matching up (I cannot change the country)...

Also I'm pretty sure that I have to buy the DLC from the US PSN store for it to work with my copy of the game... right?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

NOTE: Had already posted this but on the BF3 forums (no replies there). Mybe it makes more sense here.

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Although I haven't tried it you could try buying an American PSN code off the internet. People on Ebay sell them but it might take a while to be sent to India. You might be able to get the seller to email you the code instead?

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You used to be able to buy things in other regions with a certain credit card but Sony removed support for that credit card when they found out. You're going to need to either get a US PSN card or a US credit card. You are correct that you will need the US DLC to work with the US copy of the game.

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@mosespippy: I have a couple of friends in the US. Where should I ask then to get the PSN card? Alternatively I see a couple of places that I can get PSN credit online, i.e., the site will send me the code over mail. Eg.

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You don't make another thread just because no one responded.

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@BraveToaster said:

You don't make another thread just because no one responded.

I know I know... flag if you feel necessary. (as you can see I am not too active on the forums... not very aware of forum etiquette).

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@sam1am7000: I'm in Canada and I've seen the cards in Sears, The Source*, HMV, Sony Style, Future Shop**, Best Buy and EB Games. I would bet Wal Mart has them but I don't go to Wal Mart. I haven't been to a HMV lately either and I heard they were going to stop selling games and game stuff.

*which used to be owned by America's Circuit City before they went bankrupt so I don't know the American equivalent. Radio Shack maybe.

**A Canadian branch of Best Buy.

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