Sony Can't Bring PSN Back in Japan Until the Government Says So

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#51 Posted by MAXIMUMtheBOND (11 posts) -

As a resident in Japan, this is damn annoying. I just hope the government doesnt draw this out, like they always do.

I just hope by the end of all of this, my credit card will always work on PSN without getting "your credit card is invalid".
#52 Posted by Voxatron (376 posts) -
@doctortofu: haha I'm glad somebody does even somewhat at least, well just think it's sorta of even a bigger issue then just consumer safety at this point for them at least, its more of a image issue that their trying to protect and maintain a sort of pride in the nations most note worthy brand. It's just like though if Sony was a U.S. based company I'm sure the government here would probably take a similar course of action since any more incidents wouldn't just tarnish the company but they also reflect badly on the government as well.

True, true but consider the leak and the subsequent ramifications that have followed it, its all been rather timid and low key considering how worse the situation could have been, so I'm sure their just being extra skeptical so to avoid anyone ever getting another crack at that much private consumer information ever again. It just definitely something that seems like a few versus the many issue here, but yeah PSN tickets are awesome and I'm sure they'll probably be a increase in their purchase too once everything is said and done, but it's just something regardless of any false information that people may or may not have provided, that they (the ministry) feels compelled as it's one of the  sole reasons they exists in the first place to protect their citizens whom put any sort of information into it Sony's hands and since, really there isn't any way of discerning the two, fake or real they can't in good conscious just let the issue slide because of it.

That's totally true though because if anything too they're only making it worse for the consumer and they could have been at least a little more flexible with any sort of time table for proof considering the Store isn't even online yet and that's where the issue is, but that's government for you I guess too bothersome or not enough. Well Sony doesn't want it to look like they have anything to hide, so their doing their best to be honest and to cooperate fully with the Ministries demands as they really aren't in any sort of position to take anymore heat from anyone anywhere.   

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