Sony responds to the speculation on out of date PSN security.

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So Sony responded to the stories of PSN not having any firewalls and running on out of date security software but I guess CNET didn't think most websites including theres being wrong would make a good headline so they ran with something sexier that they heard from one of there wacky unnamed sources that are always so reliable.

So I guess there story is about Sony looking to hire Dog the bounty hunter or something but here is the important part.  

"Meanwhile, Sony denied assertions by computer security expert Gene Spafford during a Congressional hearing Thursday that it had been running outdated versions of Web server software and had not been using a firewall on its servers. In a statement from Patrick Seybold, Sony's senior director, Corporate Communications and Social Media, that's expected to be published on Sony's PlayStation blog, the company was using updated software and had "multiple security measures in place." Here's the statement in full:  

    "The previous network for Sony Network Entertainment International and Sony Online Entertainment used servers that were patched and updated recently, and had multiple security measures in place, including firewalls."

So there you have it duders.   Dont belove everything you read on a IRC.    
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Of course they had firewalls... right? Right?!

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I don't believe a thing Sony says at this point. All I know is that they were hacked, MULTIPLE TIMES, and they failed to inform customers of this in a timely manner along with doing several other incredibly stupid things.

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hey cool people actually posted in this thread.  

@Delusibeta said:

" I've got a source here quoting Sony's big cheeses that disagrees. "

Well clearly the network had a vulnerability but I was talking about stories of how the network was completely unprotected and had no firewalls kotaku and Cnet where reporting.
We dont know the extend of that vulnerability ether so it could have been some complex shit as far as we know.    We dont know if a fix was in the works for it and they just didnt get it out in time.   all we know is someone,  somewhere knew there was a hole but that doesnt really matter now.

I'm starting to think PSN had a similar level of security to the ps3.   it did have security but Sony was not prepared for a hack to happen.

The best security for big web services like PSN,  XBL,  netflix,  amazon and so on should not just be trying to prevent a hack but it should also be about having protection in place so WHEN a hack does happen you can easily detect it,  stop it and patch it without end users even knowing.      

I hope thats what sony is doing now because there is no point in just building a security wall that will eventually get hacked.    Prepare for a hack to happen and have fail safes in place.   

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