Add to cart option removed?

#1 Posted by Peacefulpaul108 (60 posts) -

I can only seem to chose 'download' on the feb free games. The ability to add to cart, check out and save for later is a huge reason I signed up for the ol' ps plus - with big games in particular it'll be a bit of a pain if that's gone. Am I missing someone or are others seeing this too?

#2 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

Yeah, I got Quantum Conundrum last night and it appears they've removed it, at least for PS+ content.

#3 Posted by brownsfantb (431 posts) -

Shouldn't you just be able to start the download, cancel it, and then be able to download it whenever after that?

#4 Posted by BlackLagoon (1872 posts) -

It's just to save time for those who actually want to download it. If you just want to mark it as purchased, it's much quicker to use the web store.

#5 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2539 posts) -

Yeah, seems like it's been removed. I've just been hitting download and then canceling the download.

#6 Posted by JohnTheGoat (92 posts) -

I have no room on my hd for the bigger downloads. Has anyone found a workaround?

#7 Edited by Lego_My_Eggo (1126 posts) -

@johnthegoat: What problem are you having? I can still purchase and add games to my download history for later without actually downloading it.

#8 Edited by JohnTheGoat (92 posts) -

<p>Now the add to cart option has been removed, I assumed I would just begin loading it then I'd stop it and have the game in my purchase history so I could download games later. When I do it with a game that takes up more spae than my HD has available it just says i cant download it and doesn't add to my purchase history. Seems that I can do that on the psn website now though which is faster than psn anyway so I should probably do all my purchasing there.

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