EU PS Plus January DMC, BORD 2 , Don't starve & more

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Hey all, Here is January's PS PLUS Offerings for PS4/PS3/Vita.

In summary:

Leaving PS Plus:

  • 24th December: Grid 2
  • 24th December: Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen
  • 24th December: Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed
  • 8th January: Contrast

Entering PS Plus:

  • 24th December: DmC Devil May Cry
  • 24th December: Borderlands 2
  • 24th December: Soul Sacrifice
  • 24th December: Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend
  • 8th January: Don’t Starve

Finally i will be able to play DMC and i am looking forward to Don't starve. I urge people to try Soul Sacrifice it is even worth a purchase!

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Hell ya DmC! I'm tempted to try Borderlands 2 as well. Anyone know if they will let you buy DLC for a free game?

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@facktion: You can buy whatever you want. The only thing is if you ever aren't a plus member you'll have DLC for a game that you can't access anymore.

#4 Posted by hermes (1832 posts) -

4 new games on the 24th?

Merry Christmas !!!

#5 Posted by avantegardener (1344 posts) -

It's remarkable, Playstation Plus is greatest value proposition I have ever seen. Guys, Sony did this, Sony the hifi guys.

#6 Posted by MattyFTM (14677 posts) -

Awesome. I played a decent chunk of Borderlands 2 on PC, but my laptop really isn't up to gaming anymore so even on really low settings the framerate was pretty iffy. I'll probably try it again on PS3.

#7 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

Maybe I'll actually give that bastardization of a franchise a chance now that its basically free.

#8 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1147 posts) -

oh man those games look gre.... goddammit EU! Always getting the good shit!

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