Is a year of PlayStation Plus worth it?

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So recently I was going through PSN seeing what kind of deals they were having and I noticed a ton of PlayStation plus discounts and free games. Im wondering about a few of the details though like:

Does the list of free games change often?

Are they actually free?

Does everything have a discount?

Do the online games come with an online pass?

last but not least are there any more perks that come with it worth mentioning?

I would really appreciate any help you duders can offer. Thanks.

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  • They change every month and there's a special section in the store that let's you know which games are free.
  • They're free as long as you are a PSN+ member
  • No, only certain things have discounts and they'll let you know which ones by putting those in their own little section on the store.
  • I would assume so. They're the full versions of games so I don't see why they wouldn't come with an online pass.
  • The automatic patching/downloads is amazing simply because of how much time it saves. It will also automatically install any games you downloaded, but didn't install yourself.

I've had it for a month and it's already paid for itself. It's pretty damn good.

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I believe they add new free games every month.
You can play the games as long as your PS+ membership lasts.
Only certain items are discounted, but it's usually a lot of good stuff.
I'm not sure if any of the free games released so far have online passes, so I don't know how they handle that situation.  I'm guessing those games simply won't ever be PS+ games, except for the Sony games maybe.
Membership sometimes provides beta access to various things.  There are some free themes and avatars and stuff.  You'll get cloud storage for your save files, and you can set you PS3 to automatically download game and system updates at whatever time-slot is convenient for you.

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A lot of games have stayed on the list since the Instant Game Collection stuff started, but new ones get added and removed each month or so. The games are free to download, but you must continue to pay for Plus to access any games you got for "free" with it. So if you stopped paying for Plus a year from now, that copy of Borderlands you downloaded for free this month would no longer work.

Not everything has a discount, but just about anything of note comes at a discount upon its release. There are also significant and frequent slashed prices on DLC, which can be nice. There are some exclusive themes and avatar pics as well; not crucial, but a tiny perk nonetheless.

There is also some early availability perks with Plus. For example, the Jet Grind Radio HD remake comes out this Tuesday, a week early, for Plus members. Betas come and go for Plus members as well (LBP Karting, Dust 514, etc).

Hope this info helps!

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Depends how deep your personal collection is. When they started this free games thing I had practically nothing so it was great. But ur not going to get anything new. If you have lots of games from 2010 and 2011 it probably isn't as much to your advantage. But the discounts on new stuff could make up for that. I think on just about every PSN game I've bought in the past year I've gotten around 3-5 dollars off. So if you buy lots of PSN games that really adds up and pays for your membership right there. I love PS+ it's practically made my PS3 my main console.

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Free games change each month. They are yours as long as you stay subscribed. Not everything has a discount but just about every new release does and every sale is a bigger discount for plus. Free online games do come with the online pass. The biggest perk in PS+ that I can think of is cloud storage for game saves and automatic downloading of patches. I was at my brother in laws around New Years and we wanted to play Borderlands Co-op. I was able to download my save file and use it on his PS3 for co-op. The biggest downside that I had was not having a large enough hard drive for the whole year's worth of free games (only 160GB) and not enough space for all the cloud saves (used to only allow 150mb but now it's 1GB so it isn't a problem anymore). My other problem was not having enough time to play everything. I probably only played about 40% of what I downloaded.

Overall I'd say it's worth it.

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Yeah dude, make sure to buy it on a discount though. I just resubscribed for a year since it was 25% off. Last year I got 25% off too and I think 1 free month.

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PlayStation Plus felt like a waste of money to me. Alot of the games that was offered didn't interest me at all. But that was just my experience with PlayStation plus.

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@49th said:

Yeah dude, make sure to buy it on a discount though. I just resubscribed for a year since it was 25% off. Last year I got 25% off too and I think 1 free month.

How and where can you find a discount ? I've never seen one , myself . I did get a free month , though .

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@spankingaddict said:

@49th said:

Yeah dude, make sure to buy it on a discount though. I just resubscribed for a year since it was 25% off. Last year I got 25% off too and I think 1 free month.

How and where can you find a discount ? I've never seen one , myself .

Might just be an EU thing at the moment. I'm sure you'll get discounts on the US version though at some point.

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The free games are really nice. Look up to see what games are available and see if they would be games you would like to play. I just bought the year plan for $60-ish and have over 5 games that I want to play through. That's a hell of a deal.

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It's worth it if you don't own the games already. A lot of the games they're putting out I already own or have played, so I'm not really getting a lot of value for it.

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The list of free games changes about twice month, but there will always be 12 full games that can be downloaded.

The games are as free as a movie is on Netflix. However, any DLC you download for free is yours to keep. For example, when downloading Walking Dead Episode 1 and 2, Episode 1 will become void at the end of your subscription but Episode 2 is yours forever. Also if at any time you don't resubscribe but do so again later down the road, all your old PS+ stuff will once again work.

Everything does not have a discount.

The online games with everything the retail release would.

As stated previously the automatic patching is one of the biggest perks, as is the cloud saving. The best thing about the cloud saving is it will do it in the middle of the night (or whenever you set it to) and will automatically upload your data to the cloud as well as download patches for games and install firmware updates. Some other through away free stuff includes avatars, themes, and 60 minute trials of games.

It is worth it to me but the choice is totally yours to make if it is to you.

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I'd check it out if I didn't have such a tiny harddrive (40GB). I don't use my PS3 nearly enough to warrant putting a new drive in it, so I'll probably pass and just buy Infamous 2 on a disc.

And Ken Kutaragi said the PS3 would never need an HDD. What a jerk.

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Unless your personal game collection is small or you want to pay to slightly ease the pain of PSN's absolutely awful and archaic patching problems, then no. Also, if you have a PS3 with a smaller hard drive dealing with the poor way the PS3 surfaces your space usage and the ability to quickly and easily deal with any space issues that might arise is a huge negative to downloading and installing things, especially full-sized disc games.

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Playstation Plus is absolutely worth it. I've gotten my hands on many many gems and even some nice triple A stuff I've missed out on, because of PS+. I highly recommend it. Try it for a year and see if you like it.

This December's PS+ free games line up include Injustice, Deadly Premonition, and Hitman HD trilogy.

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