PlayStation Plus in November (NA) | RE5: Gold Edition

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New Free PS3 Games

New Free Vita Games

Available Free Retail Games

Available Free PSN Games


  • Portal 2 (Regular: $19.99 | Discounted: $13.99)
  • Portal 2 In Motion (Regular: $9.99 | Discounted: $6.99)
  • When Vikings Attack (Regular: $9.99 | Discounted: $6.99) [Cross-Buy on PS Vita and PS3]
  • WWE ’13 Fan Axxess (Regular: $19.99 | Discounted: $10.00)
  • Machinarium (Regular: $9.99 | Discounted: $6.99)
  • Sorcery (Regular: $19.99 | Discounted: $15.99)[November 20]

PlayStation Plus official blog

Today's update in image form:

PlayStation Plus official blog

There's some other discounts such as KoF XIII and Hell Yeah! DLC as well as avatars and themes. There's also the usual free avatars and themes.

I'm glad that we get Resident Evil 5 as I haven't had the opportunity to play that game before now and since it's free I might as well download it. This month should be when Vita content is added to PS Plus, so I'm interested in seeing what will come from that.

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Any idea what us guys in the UK get, it's usually different.

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@Hizang: EU gets Crysis 2, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One, and Cubixx HD.

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I would like sooo much Dirt 3 for us UK guys :D

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I was really tempted to buy RE5 Gold a couple of months ago with the UK guys got it. I'm so glad I waited.

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So, apparently dual-joystick shooter Big Sky Infinity is coming to PS Plus soon. Unclear if it's the PS3 version, the Vita one, or both.

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So in other words, next month is probably Deus Ex or Red Dead.

We're basically getting the scraps of what UK got previously.

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So is anyone aware of when Sony's supposed to send those $20 rebates for those who spent $100 or more in October?

Got the info:

Update: U.S. users who purchased $100 of PSN content in October will earn their bonus $20 credit between 11/9 and 11/16 via XMB message!
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Just thought you should know that One Piece is no longer discounted, and there might be a couple of others that are no longer available as well.

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Id like to see crysis 2 come over as a free one like uk has. Otherwise Quantum Conundrum will be pretty great since I have been pushing it off buying it on steam.

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@FluxWaveZ: Pac-Man DX and Renegade Ops will no longer be available tomorrow.

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so is Quantum Conundrum any good

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Holy crap:

PS+ has finally come to the Vita in a big way. I already own WipEout and Gravity Rush, but HOLY CRAP. This is all part of the 2.00 Vita update:

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Quantum Conundrum, nice. I was curious about that game, but not enough to actually spend money on it. Problem solved.

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Playstation Plus is so incredible. The best thing out of this entire generation.

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@FluxWaveZ: Lawd have mercy. I think it's time I got a Vita.

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Is it just me or is Quantum Conundrum free but when I add it to my cart it wants me to pay for it?

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@PlasmaBeam44: Sounds like a common problem since last week, apparently some people had the same problem with RE5: Gold last week. They'll probably have it fixed in a few hours.

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I already own RE 5 on PC but I thought I might at least try it, since it's free, on the PS3 and I have to say it was rough. The frame-rate is shit.

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Store seems busted today; Quantum Conundrum should be free for PS+ users, but it still tries to charge me when checking out, hopefully it's fixed by tomorrow rather than waiting until next Tuesday.

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@Opus said:

Store seems busted today; Quantum Conundrum should be free for PS+ users, but it still tries to charge me when checking out, hopefully it's fixed by tomorrow rather than waiting until next Tuesday.

That's a new "feature" of the new store. Basically, they are going to charger $0.00 for the free game. I had the same thing happen to me with RE 5.

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@JasonR86: It said $14.99 in my cart, so perhaps I backed out too early. I'll try again right now and see if it's the same in the checkout window, thanks!

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Firmware update is available for vita but no PS+ info surfaced anywhere. Must need a separate store update... This could take a while.

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@NekuCTR: Cloud saves are available in the Content Manager app, and auto-downloads in the settings, but as always you have to wait for the store update for new content.

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Store is now updated. Yay free games and P4G!

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Just discounts for the last week of November:

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