Getting a PSP... should I?

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I've been toying with the idea of getting a PSP for some time now. You see, I've never, ever had a Sony product. Not a PSX, not a PS2, not a PS3 and obviously not a PSP. And to be honest, I've never really liked Sony to being with... But seeing how the PSP is soon going to be replaced, I figured it would be a good time to maybe catch up with some good games I have missed for fewer space bucks (aka Euros).  Besides, next year I'll probably go on Erasmus and I won't be able to carry my consoles with me, so more portables = better. There are some catches, though: 

  1. I have a DS a barely use anymore. I love it to death, but between my 360 and PC, and the very few moments of free time I have, it's been relegated to a secondary place in my gaming life. I guess the PSP is "more like a home console", so I could drop more hours on it than on my DS. Besides, it's a complete fresh and new system for me, with all the excitement that carries...
  2. Should I get a PSP... what? 2000? 3000? Go?
  3. Should I buy it new, or are used PSP reliable?
  4. How much will it cost me to "fully" equip a PSP? I assume I have to get a memory stick and a carrying case for protection. Do PSP come bundled with a memory stick? Are they expensive?
  5. Battery life, how is it? I won't be taking it outside home for long periods of time, but I don't want to have to play with it plugged in constantly either.
  6. Homebrew is a huge incentive for me. And by homebrew I do include emulators :P
So, given my background, should I get a PSP?
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2. 3000 
3. Always buy your handhelds new. You can't trust stuff that's been handled by little kids... unless you want to find old gum inside. Trust me 
4. ~$200 (Memory sticks are much, much cheaper than they used to be so don't worry about that)
5. You'r probably get an average of 3-5 hours of gametime (you could get an extra juice battery though which will make it around 6-7)  
6. Homebrew is a slippery slope. Use it with caution
 Get one if you're not interested in the NGP. There's a ton of excellent games for it. Check out my most recent blog for some of my favorite ones if you like.

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  1. If you don't really play much handhelds anyway, why would you want a system that, while it's more like a console than a DS, still excels when games are designed for the nature of the system (read: handheld)?
  2. 2000 if possible, though 3000s are fine.
  3. My friend got a used PSP and it works fine for him.  Like any used system, get it from someplace you trust that has a good return policy or just get a new one if you don't want to deal.
  4. The bundles usually come with a 2 gig stick, which is more than enough for saving stuff and will give you room for maybe a smaller game or two and some DLC.  I got a 32 gig stick from Amazon for, like, $90.
  5. Battery life on the standard battery is 4-6 depending on how bright you set the thing.  There's also the super battery that makes it bulge out a bit in the back but adds, like, four or five more hours on top of that.
  6. That's nice.
PSP is a rad as shit system, but it's still a handheld.  If your whole thing is you're not really big on handhelds when you could be playing console games, why would you want yet another handheld?
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No. Wait for NGP. I got a PSP when they were brand new and the only games I've found to be worth playing are the GTA 'stories' games that also came out on PS2 (which I never owned). Only since I got a PS3 and started using Remote Play and PlayOn to watch Hulu and Netflix while I take a shit has my PSP finally gotten a permanent job.

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If playing good games is really important to you and you don't have a lot of money to spend, I'd say skip the PSP and buy a PS2. It's cheaper and has dozens of higher quality games, not only for it, but for PS1 as well. If you're bored with your DS, you'll get bored even quicker with your PSP. Let's just say I owned both systems, and I only have a DS now. That's not to say there aren't some amazing games for the PSP, but they are few and far in-between, and usually have superior counterparts on the PS2. 
Homebrew is fun, but if you have a PC, I'd say spend a bit of money on a good console-style controller (or a even DualShock 3) and run all your emulators on a nice sized screen with a great controller. PSP is portable, but that is all.

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2.  3000 is the way to go, unless you enjoy a sturdy feel from your handheld, in which case a 1000 is best.  
3. It's not that I wouldn't normally advise used, but given that the PSP has a history of falling UMD drives and you can't tell how ragged the previous person has run it, I believe the safest run for your money would be to buy new. Tip: Buy one of the late era bundles, which are usually all great.!
4. Accessories really aren't necessary. Protect cases and all that, meh. It comes with a protective sleeve and that does the trick fine, if you don't go banging it everywhere, which you shouldn't in the first place. I'd say get between 2-4GB memory card according to how much you're willing to store on it. That should cost you about an additional 25 bucks, although the bundles already come with a 2Gb card from Sony.
5. 3 to 5 hours tops, 2 hours and change on bright with demanding games. It's not ideal, but changing your light settings to lowest already helps a bunch and the difference is barely noticeable. 
6. Don't advise it at all. In extremis, then change everything said above and buy a used with homebrew installed; it's your money loss though.
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no one should get a psp

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Grab a PSP, just don't expect any substantial games to come down the line. :) As much as I love the PSP platform as a whole, it's been stagnant for quite awhile now. Anyway, to your specific questions: 
"Should I get a PSP... what? 2000? 3000? Go?"   

  • You say you want Homebrew, so research this question of yours quite a bit. If I remember correctly, there are certain models of the PSP which are more of pain in the ass to get that sort of stuff running than others.
"  Should I buy it new, or are used PSP reliable?" 
  • Buy it new if you've got the cash, I bought mine used in 2005 and it's been fine ever since but your mileage will vary. I recommend you buy it new because the finish on PSP's are very scratchable and it may be hard to find one that's in perfect shape.
 "Battery life, how is it? I won't be taking it outside home for long periods of time, but I don't want to have to play with it plugged in constantly either." 
  • If you're not taking it outside for long periods of time you'll be fine. I've got to say, the PSP's battery life is admirable for something with as many moving parts as it has, to make that ugly little UMD spin. But it's still not great.




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Wait for the NGP, but if you're impatient I say go for the PSP Go since you can play your purchased games on the NGP if you decide to get that system as well  

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Thanks for the replies, guys. Let's see.
It is true that it sounds stupid to get another handheld when I'm saying that I don't play my DS as much as I used to. For most of my life, I've been a handheld gamer. I grew up with GameBoys, Colors and Advances. The last few years, I've been splitting my time between my PC and my DS, which I still play on a daily basis, but mostly pick-up-and-play games (Tetris DS, Tetris Party, Scribblenauts) and just for a couple minutes, when I need a quick break from what I'm doing. The last long game I beat was Pokémon SoulSilver, ages ago. I'm feeling a bit burned out with my DS. It's a black DS Lite I've had since launch and I don't know how many zillions of hours I must have spent with that thing. I was thinking that maybe a PSP could refresh my interest in portable gaming, it gives me a field I have never even touched in my life: Sony. 
When I have to buy a new console, I always wait till well into its life cycle, or at least until its has enough games that interest me. Plus, I can get it cheaper than on day-one that way. I don't think I'll be getting an NGP any time soon, to be honest. Not that I will get a 3DS either, though. I know the PSP is basically a portable PS2, but since I already have a Wii and an Xbox 360 hooked up on my monitor, I don't want to keep plugging things and piling them up on my desk. Besides, having something I can carry with me next year would be awesome. I don't think I'll be able to get a gaming-capable laptop, so I'll have to make do with not-very-demanding games and whatever handheld I bring along.
From what you've told me, I think I could be buying a PSP, but maybe I can wait a bit longer, till summer, and see whether I really need something for next year or not.
Thanks again for the quick answers.

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You can't have proper homebrew on a 3000. 
Getting a used PSP is the only way to get a hackable (1000 or early 2000 model) 
My PSP lasts kind of randomly, sometimes the charge runs out in hold mode after 10 hours and sometimes it can be in hold mode for days without losing charge at all. I'd say about 5 hours of active play though. There are homebrew apps that can increase battery life even further, but I haven't tried. 
You'd want at least a 4 GB stick if you plan on keeping your ISO files on it to not have to lug all your UMDs along. A 2GB or even 1GB should be good enough for emulators+saves though. You'll want a pandora battery to hack it as well unless it's a 1000 which can be hacked without it unless they're running the latest firmware. I'd expect around $50 extra on top of the cost of the PSP.
Be careful if you're gonna flash CFW onto it and read the instructions carefully or else you'll have a $150 paperweight.

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  1.  I play my PSP in bed mainly.  I don't do it so much on the go.  I don't really game on the go as a whole.  I had a DS and never used it.  I use my PSP far more because it has more strange JRPGs on it that aren't designed for kids.
  2. Last I checked the screen on the 3000 had issues, but that may have been fixed.  I heard this around the launch of the 3000.  I love my 2000.  Some people do really like the Go, but it would depend on how you like the placement of the controls.  Not everybody finds it comfortable.
  3. I bought my PSP used from craigslist, and I haven't had any issues.
  4. I think I payed 30 bucks for my 16GB memory stick on ebay.  That is really all you need in terms of accessories
  5. My battery doesn't seem to last too long, but it is still the original battery it came with which is pretty old.  New ones may last a long time.  Since I play it in bed mostly, I haven't really had any issues.
  6. Running Homebrew is stupid easy.  I recently saw a friend rip a UMD directly to his PSP in 10 min with no extra work.  The PSP has a lively homebrew scene, but it is something you should be careful with.
Get a PSP with the mindset of what is out there, is what there is.  After so many years, there are plenty of great games to get.  While games will continue to be released, there won't be any major ones coming.
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I think the PSP is pretty shitty. The battery sucks and I think it's really uncomfortable to hold while playing. I never really got into it. 
I'd buy a Game Gear if I were you.

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2. 3000, there are ways to get homebrew enabled on firmwares as late as 6.35, which I doubt units are shipping with yet. If you need a more "permanent" or "flexible" solution, then I'd recommend trying your luck in the 2000 market, but beware of the TA-088v3 motherboard, which is basically a 3000's security mixed with the 2000's inferior hardware.
3. New, unless my friend was a yabbo and somehow managed to make his PSP chew through a battery in less than an hour, or you don't like scratches on your consoles.
4. Without games factored in, probably ~~$50. Memory Stick Pro Duos aren't nearly as bad as they used to be.
5. Poor, generally. Don't expect DS levels of battery.
6. See 2. I see people confusing homebrew (EBOOT.PBP files, usually) with piracy (where ISO ripping/loaders come in)... The TA-088v3 2000s and early 3000s can handle the latter to a limited extent incomparable to older units (which I do not endorse), but if you're actually just looking for homebrew (like emulators), any system will do but I'd avoid the Go.
Outside of emulated games, I only have Lumines 2 and Persona 3 Portable, both of which I proudly OWN. Nothing else really interested me, but I bought my 3000 instead of an iPod touch when the former first came out to use as a video player. I never looked back.

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I'd definitely recommend getting a PSP, it's a very underrated system and has a lot of great games that many seem to just ignore..  Especially if you're into games like Diablo or Phantasy Star Online.  

Things like Monster Hunter, Gods Eater, Phantasy Star Portable, etc, are very fun and can be played regularly, sinking hundreds of hours into.  It's also great being able to play old PSOne games on the move, I've just started playing Final Fantasy IX again recently and it's still one of my favourite games ever..  and there are things like Dissidia, Half Minute Hero, Valkyria Chronicles, etc, that can't be played anywhere else.
I will say that the controls are an issue for many of the games though and while I wouldn't let the announcement of the NGP stop you, I would recommend buying all of your games digitally, as you'll be able to keep playing them if you ever do get an NGP.

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Nah, not right now. Either wait for PSP2 and get that or wait for PSP2 and wait for the PSP to get super cheap.

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Wait for NGP.

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PSP and NDS are interchangeable (at least in terms of being portable).
They are both portable products and if you don't play much on one, chances are you aren't going to be playing on the other one either. 

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Save your pennies.  The NGP will cost an arm and a leg but it will be backwards compatible (at least until Sony removes it) and be prettier than what's currently available.  A year will go by in a blink and then you can have your shiny new NGP and be the envy of all the young girls at the box social. 

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 the battery is pretty shitty to be honest and its not my favourite portable in the world...  but i liked crisis core.  i spent over 100 hours on it and the thing is, before that game i was never into final fantasy vii of final fantasy in general.  ill be getting the NGP once i have the money

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@PenguinDust said:
" Save your pennies.  The NGP will cost an arm and a leg but it will be backwards compatible (at least until Sony removes it) and be prettier than what's currently available.   "
Not if you have UMDs.

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