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Hey guys, I just picked up a PSP Go from GameStop earlier today, and I'm trying to download Persona 2 and 3, however the download speeds are painfully slow. Talking 400 minutes estimate. Is there something wrong with the system or is this generally how bad PSN is?

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Seems normal.

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Doesn't it tell you the actual download speed? Besides the download time estimate. That would be useful info given your question.

Also keep in mind that downloading two games simultaneously will most likely make each of the downloads last significantly longer. On my PS3 I haven't had any complaints about download speed, I think it reaches about 1MB/s, maybe more.

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No, it just shows a progress bar (1 of 2, 10%) and then a time estimate.

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Downloading stuff on my PSP always took a long time and I'm sure the game files for those two titles are rather large. Welcome to PSN.

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It's about 1gb each. Looking around, Sony has a program called Media Go you can use to browse the store, buy stuff, and manage it on the PC and then transfer it to the PSP via USB. Downloads are significantly faster. Only going to take about 30 minutes now. Here's the download link for it if any of you are curious:

Glad to know that it's the service in general then and not my system, thanks all.

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The PSP is old. Even the Go, which has a slightly more powerful processor, is far behind in terms of the stuff under the hood. Internet activities on it just aren't very good. You could connect your PSPGo to the fastest internet in the world and the time would still probably be mind-bogglingly long. This isn't even to mention that the PS3's download speeds are also notorious for being a little slow, implying that PSN itself is a minor culprit.

So, yeah. Your PSP's downloads are slow because the PSP itself is slow. Just put it aside, take a nap, cook you some food, save up for a vacation, retire, and someday your great-grandkids will thank you for that portable copy of Persona 2 and 3 you got for them so long ago.


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