Can i sign up to sync my trophies anymore

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Does the ps3 trophy system work still.  I can't find it under manage accounts.
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No.  Sony does not allow syncing to the Trophy system by outside parties.

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sorry dude. they disabled that shit 

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'll post a more prominent update pretty soon here, but the short version is that Sony has decided to not share its trophy data with external sources at this time. Next week we'll be removing PSN accounts from user profiles, but we'll leave the trophy data up at the game page level so people can still see that stuff and leave comments about them. 
We'll keep your PSN accounts on file in the hope that they'll eventually get to a point where they can support what we're doing.

That was from Jeff a while back.
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Thanks. That sucks
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@maver1ck89 said:
" what's even the point of trophies then? Sony seems to have missed it. "
the same purpose as achievements..whatever that is 
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@maver1ck89 said:
" what's even the point of trophies then? Sony seems to have missed it. "
So the only purpose of unlocking trophies is sharing your unlocked trophies in 3rd party websites?
I fail to see your logic. When I unlock trophies it is for the sense of achievement, for myself. You seem to have self-esteem issues.
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For me the biggest thing is comparing with friends on the PSN network (from the PS3 menu). So this is unfortunate but not too big a blow.

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