Got any PS3 platinum trophies or do you think they're a waste?

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#51 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I have platinum trophies for both Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. I have to really like the game to go for it.

#52 Posted by face15 (1371 posts) -

I've got platinums in Burnout Paradise, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Assassin's Creed II, and Borderlands. 
I'm fairly close in Just Cause 2, Infamous, and Fallout 3 so I'll probably get the platinums when I eventually go back to them.  Also, maybe Red Dead Redemption and MW2, but those will require a little bit more work and a Spec Ops partner.

#53 Posted by GooieGreen (463 posts) -

I have about 6, but I'm forever screwed on a few.  
Honestly, achievements and trophies were fun to chase for a while, but it became clear that some are not worth it. One trophy away from the Platinum on BioShock 2 (one of many examples) but I cannot sit through another 3 more hours of the multiplayer. It was fun at first, but I got so burned out on that game. 
When trophies stop being fun, I just stop. Why put yourself through hell to get something that will never be meaningful?

#54 Posted by rargy (449 posts) -

I've got 5:  Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Uncharted 1 and 2 (no multiplayer trophies though).   Also, Flower doesn't have a platinum but i finished that as well.

#55 Posted by awesomeusername (4535 posts) -
@GooieGreen said:
" I have about 6, but I'm forever screwed on a few.   Honestly, achievements and trophies were fun to chase for a while, but it became clear that some are not worth it. One trophy away from the Platinum on BioShock 2 (one of many examples) but I cannot sit through another 3 more hours of the multiplayer. It was fun at first, but I got so burned out on that game.  When trophies stop being fun, I just stop. Why put yourself through hell to get something that will never be meaningful? "
That's why online trophies suck! People are forever screwed on games and it's meaningful to some people.
@Sincillian: You get that Force Unleashed platinum! Lol. Is playing it on the hardest difficulty very hard? 
@face15: Finding that last Burnout event was a pain.
#56 Posted by Sincillian (565 posts) -
@awesomeusername: OMG not yet but I got the trophy for playing it on the hardest difficulty which is Sith Master a while ago. It's not hard at all. It's fucking cheap as hell. Some of the enemies r good and hard but not cheap but then u have those motherfucking Purge troopers and their rockets. If there's a group of them be prepared to take a shitload of damage that you should have been able to avoid since your supposed to be a badass Sith. 
The crappy thing is I started playing it on Sith Master again to get the trophy for the Aerial Ambush combos and I found Sith Master sooo much easier.
#57 Posted by awesomeusername (4535 posts) -

Hahahaha! Just like inFAMOUS! Playing that on hard is like taking candy from a baby. I guess I'll go for the Star Wars platinum then also since it's not hard. Go platinum trophies! The Sly Collection trophies look really easy also. Maybe the easiest.

#58 Posted by PokeIkzai (405 posts) -

They're not a waste. Adds something to do with the game after you've more or less finished it, you know?

#59 Posted by awesomeusername (4535 posts) -
@PokeIkzai: I know they're not a waste. I'm a trophy hunter myself. I was asking people if they thought it was because I know some people must not like them.
#60 Posted by D0tti (803 posts) -

Got 2 platinum trophies, Assassins Creed 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Was working on inFamous but got sick off my second playthrough after getting to the 3rd world on Hard(or whatever the hardest difficulty was required), was also going for platinum on Fallout  3 but I think I played the CD to death cause it started to crash on me :P.
And no I don't think they're a waste, cause some games are really fun to play for platinum like AC2 and Batman: AA(especially this game).

#61 Posted by awesomeusername (4535 posts) -
@D0tti: No one finishes inFAMOUS! I will be one of the GiantBomb members who will! But that games awesome, don't know why everyone stops on their second playthrough. Batman is fun and I have to get that platinum. Finding all the riddles was actually entertaining and gave a meaning to it unlike those inFAMOUS shards.
#62 Edited by D0tti (803 posts) -
@awesomeusername:  I'm not saying the game is bad, I really, really loved it first time through, but something about it didn't really make me want to play the whole game again and collect everything. Maybe it was the annoyence(?) of the enemy's shooting at you and stuff while you're trying to collect those blast shards that made me stop playing it. Don't really know.
#63 Posted by awesomeusername (4535 posts) -
@D0tti: No, I know you're not saying that. I'm just saying no one wants to second playthrough it. I would love to play that game through again. I love that game.
#64 Posted by D0tti (803 posts) -
@awesomeusername:  Well as I said I was pretty far in to the game, so I really should give it a go, seeing how I have 72% off the trophies in the game.
#65 Posted by Lemoncookie01 (1663 posts) -

I got my first two yesterday WAW and Uncharted 2.

#66 Edited by awesomeusername (4535 posts) -
@D0tti: Go for it dude. I would definitely give it a try. Just go online and look for a map of those shards because I know that's what'll make people give up on that game. But definitely, go for it. Every trophy is easy for that game. 
@Lemoncookie01 said:
" I got my first two yesterday WAW and Uncharted 2. "
Awesome! I need that WAW but that kamikaze trophy is a bitch. How did it feel getting two plats in one day?
#67 Posted by copycatzen (819 posts) -

I love trophies, working on rock band 2, rock band 3, beatles rock band and green day rock band.... I think it will take me 1 year to get them all... till I become really good at the games I have now around 40% on each... 
In addition to rock band, I have around 10 more  platinums.... and, the harder to get was probably KillZone 2 and SSF4... Oh wait... I have a list of my platinums on my profile, you can check that out
#68 Posted by JoMu (125 posts) -

I have platinums in Fallout 3 and Borderlands. Currently trying for Fallout New Vegas but game slowdowns and lockups really make it hard to play for long stretches of time. Currently at 40% on trophies I think. 
I wish I could make an attempt at more platinum trophies but  I don't really have enough time to get better at the games I have.

#69 Posted by buhssuht (457 posts) -

I only care about those when I can get all other trophies in the single play such as fallout 3 or inFamous. Currently working on the AC:B, hopefully i can get those multiplayer ones easy

#70 Posted by PokeIkzai (405 posts) -

For Platinums I have... Uncharted 2, Borderlands, Sly Cooper 1 (about to get Sly Cooper 2's)

#71 Edited by Tearhead (2393 posts) -

I'm lv 10 with 605 trophies and 2 platinums in Assassin's Creed 2 and inFAMOUS. I usually only go for the platinum if it's fun to do so or it's a situation where I'm like one or two trophies away. Usually though, when I finish the narrative of a game I move on to another game.

#72 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

Yeah, I think they are a waste. I just don't have the time to finish a game completely, I even have troubles just finishing most games at this point.

#73 Posted by vidiot (2891 posts) -

I have four:
Uncharted 2
Sly Cooper 1 (will be getting the rest in the collection eventually)
Yakuza 3
Yes, I have a platinum in Yakuza 3.
I got all the shards in Infamous, but I think the 100% karma trophy stopped me from planting because I have no-way to level-up anymore.
I was thinking of getting a platinum in Final Fantasy XIII, I still might, but the level-grinding seems really ridiculous. This is coming from someone who S-Ranked both Lost Odyssey and Resonance of Fate. :/

#74 Posted by awesomeusername (4535 posts) -
@copycatzen: I would never be able to get SSF4, GoW3 and Killzone. RE5's professional mode was so annoying and finding that last Burnout event was a pain.
#75 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2559 posts) -

Burnout, inFamous, and Uncharted! All of them were worth it. Great games. =)

#76 Posted by Beforet (3006 posts) -

I have five:
Assassin's Creed II
God of War I&2
Prince of Persia(2008)

#77 Posted by shootermcclay (229 posts) -

I have 12 and I am Level 12: 
Fallout 3 - 3 playthroughs, each > 100 hours
Dead Space - good game, but not very memorable
Unreal Tournament III - this was a grind, but fun playing w/ keyboard and mouse
Call of Duty: World at War - my favorite CoD, but ridiculous grenade spamming
Bionic Commando - no manual save and no back-tracking
God of War - amazing, but challenge rooms sucked
God of War II - exceptional
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - overrated
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - hemorrhages trophies
inFAMOUS - best PS3 exclusive (after MGS4 of course)
Assassin's Creed II - beautiful game but easy
Borderlands - addictive gameplay, but awful story
Most Anticipated Games:
inFAMOUS 2, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Resistance 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, Agent, Mass Effect 2 & 3,  Killzone 3, Rage, L.A. Noire, Mortal Kombat, Dead Space 2, Portal 2.

#78 Posted by TheHT (12563 posts) -

Got about 8 I think, right now I've got 1 full playthrough and about 4 chapters remaining on my current playthough to get the Uncharted 2 platinum.
I usually use getting a platinum as my being done with a game, and like to get it before I move on to another. Except I don't care for multiplayer trophies at all, so games with those I'll just get SP trophies and move on.

#79 Posted by Enigma777 (6238 posts) -

Killzone 2 and GOW3. That's the only two games I liked enough to replay more than 3 times...

#80 Edited by Nadafinga (1036 posts) -

I like getting trophies, but like a lot of you, I only go for them in the games I really like. 
Click my mini bio to see my trophy card. 
My 12 platinums: 
Mirror's Edge (definitely the hardest one of the bunch, with all those speed runs.)
Fallout 3
Uncharted 2 
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 
Batman: Arkham Asylum 
Burnout Paradise 
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 
Heavy Rain 
Assassin's Creed 2
I actually tried to get the Dead Space platinum as well, but I couldn't get that asteroid shooting trophy. You kids and your fast reaction times!

#81 Posted by Hosstile17 (788 posts) -

If they had the hooks for APIs, like the Giant Bomb achievement system, I would care. I didn't care about Steam achievements until Giant Bomb added them.  
You hear me, Sony? Let people use yo shit.

#82 Edited by negraru96 (2 posts) -

I currently have: 61 Platinums with a level 20 Trophy lvl

psn: negraru96

If you guys need help, join the Ps3t community!

#83 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -
#84 Edited by 49th (3116 posts) -

I only have 1 for Sly Cooper, it was extremely easy and just involved playing the game.

I got close with a few games though. I found all the blast shards in inFamous and did most of the extra stuff, I just need to finish my second playthrough.

I also did a lot of the trophies in Uncharted 2 but can't be assed playing through a third time and sitting there with a guide to get the treasures.

And all the riddles in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City - the only thing preventing me from getting platinums is playing games more than once.

#85 Edited by spankingaddict (2835 posts) -

I got 46 .

#86 Posted by troll93 (454 posts) -

19 plat, 2920 total level 18, 12%. If I really felt like it, i could probably get another 4-5 plats in about 10 hours, might do that now over the holidays.

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