There's a trophy hack...

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I don't know if this is old news or not. And maybe some of you don't even know, just like me. But there is now a program that will unlock the trophies for any game! Because you can put files on a USB drive, all this program does is run a little executable which places random time stamps on the trophies and unlocks them all. How shitty is this? This is even easier to do than the piece of shit  360 Achievement hackers. 
I mean it doesn't bother me that people hack achievements, I don't see it often at all. I've actually only personally seen it once in 3 years on LIVE. But this PS3 Trophy hack is so ridiculously easy and quick.
Here's the link.  
I know that as of now, Sony has blocked out jailbroken systems but we all know that it's going to come back and this will be a part of it.

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@xyzygy said:
Sony has blocked out jailbroken systems but we all know that it's going to come back and this will be a part of it.
I'll give them their dues. They did this very quickly, and that is a great thing. The thing between Trophies and Achievements seems to me, an ignorant Xbot (and ironically one with a Sony alignment on this site), Trophies do not have as high an emphasis placed upon them. On 360 people will race to see who can get achievements before one another and stuff, but with the Playstation 3 I find that a lot of my friends don't seem concerned with getting trophies. In a way it sounds much more fun again, because Achievements have corrupted my gaming experience, forcing me into doing stupid stuff in order to see that extra few points appearing on my screen.
I don't approve of modding for achievements or Trophies and the like though, so I do hope that Sony find a method for finding those who have altered their rewards. As pointless as they might be, a lot of people are likely proud of showing what they have accomplished through hours of work. And then someone comes along and 'accomplishes' it all within minutes. It's pathetic, and I wish MIcrosoft were swifter when laying down the punishments.
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Oh well its a natural process of....Life. There will allways be people off and doing things the easy way to compensate for their inability to generally do it. 
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What's the point? If anything, when I see a person with 1000g for pretty much all their games on XBL (even the legendarily ridiculous ones), I block them. If you hack trophies eventually you will have no one left who wants to play with you.

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@jonnyboy: Exactly the same thing I did with the one person I met who had obviously hacked (he had every single game on his list as 1000 gs, even GRAW).  
But I think that what this article is saying is that you can select which game you want to get a platinum in and it will automatically give all the trophies for that one single game. Personally, I would think very highly of a person who had gotten a platinum on Demon's Souls because that takes a lot of dedication and organization (in terms of the world status). But now if someone just wanted to get a Platinum in DS, they just load this in. 
Right now, if doesn't work online of course. But if they just managed to do this within the timeframe that the original hack was made open source, I can see them getting past Sony's defenses pretty fast. 
So in that sense it's kind of easy to spot a hacker on XBL, while they can be more sneaky on PSN.
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I could go down to the trophy store and get a plaque saying I bowled a perfect game, but it wouldn't make it true. My friends would think I'm awesome, but I'd be dead inside.
Trophy hackers are dead inside.

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