April Vita lineup and upcoming titles

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It's April, and I'm here again with the usual rundown of this month's releases and upcoming titles for the Vita. As usual, it is focused on the North American market, with sections for Europe and Japan exclusive titles in their own sections below.

Sony's biggest Vita title in a while hits at the end of the month - Soul Sacrifice, a faster paced, more story driven Monster Hunter-style game created by industry veteran Keiji Inafune. Else Pub Fund powered indie darling Guacamelee! brings Mexican styled metroidvania action, Dr. Brainhov returns for more zombie-RTSing in Zombie Tycoon 2, Thomas Was Alone comes with its simple visuals and not so simple story, and Table Mini Golf continues the Vita's console dominance of dining room tables everywhere.

Also HISTORY Legends of War may or may not come out this month, it seems the publisher is still as confused about this as we are. As always, expect this list to grow as the month goes on, as unannounced "stealth" releases are unfortunately all too common, like last months Atelier Totori Plus.

Last months theme of indie announcements continues, as it seems everybody and their indie dog is porting their game to the Vita, including Limbo, Spelunky, Terraria, and some not quite so indie games like The Walking Dead, Real Boxing, and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Also, a yet to be revealed Worms game is coming, supposedly the "ultimate handheld" version of the game.

It's not all ports though, upcoming games like Metrico, Putty Squad, Quell Memento, and Luftrausers will be on the Vita at launch, as might Hotline Miami 2 if the creators can make it work with Sony. And Malicious Rebirth and Box! Open Me will be making their way over from Japan some time later this year.

In Japan, a sequel to PSP RPG Conception got announced, as did the not at all Persona-ish RPG Mind 0. Then there was a Nep-Nep invasion with three Hyperdimension Neptunia games - two spin-offs and a remake/port of the first game. Also a soccer management RPG from Sega and horse racing from Koei.

Phew, I think that's all. On to the actual list:


Retail releases


Q2 2013



Rest of the year

Retail releases




(Titles out in Europe with no American release announced.)


(Incomplete list of Japanese titles that have yet to be announced for western release)


Retail (released)

Download (released)

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I really want to get Guacamelee! and Thomas was Alone but I feel like they'll be on sale within 3 months for more then half the price. So I'll be waiting. No point in filling up my Vita anymore anyways. I still have a bunch of PS3 and Vita games I need to go through so eh. I'll be waiting for a sale I know WILL happen.

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Guacamelee! is pretty good you guys.

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haha you almost got me with your april fools joke, everyone knows the vita has no games :P

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I wasn't super interested in Soul Sacrifice before, but after finally having a Monster Hunter game click with me with MH3U I'm starting to think it'll be worth a shot. Hope Inafune has brought it. I've been looking forward to Guacamelee for a good long time, so I'll likely grab it on release.

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So I bought Guacamelee! and Thomas Was Alone like I said I wouldn't. Yay! I want Soul Sacrifice.

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