Are You Planning On Buying A Vita Day 1?

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#1 Posted by DonutFever (3794 posts) -
#2 Posted by UnrealDP (1256 posts) -

Uhhh, how about NYET? The second one is usually the opposite of yes, so I guess I feel okay about my answer...

#3 Posted by Vestigial_Man (317 posts) -

Already ordered mine off of Amazon :) Sadly, due to where I live it'll probably arrive a day or two late. The money I saved was worth it though.

#4 Posted by doobie (612 posts) -

maybe later after inevitable slow sales price drop.

#5 Posted by VincentVendetta (342 posts) -

I wish I could; I wanna play Wipeout 2048 and Lumines: Electronic Symphony so bad. Have you seen the soundtrack?

#6 Posted by DonutFever (3794 posts) -
@VincentVendetta: I've heard a lot about Lumines, but I've never played one. Maybe I should pick it up with Gravity Rush.
#7 Posted by Jaytow (733 posts) -

As always sony have lanched overpriced hardware in the U.K so no.

#8 Posted by RE_Player1 (7944 posts) -

I've had the thing pre-ordered since July so yup.

#9 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Hell no. I don't think that Persona 4 is even a launch title.

#10 Posted by RoboRobb (1088 posts) -

I was confused by your Poll but HELL NO.

#11 Posted by fugie7 (1131 posts) -

not yet.

#12 Posted by DonutFever (3794 posts) -
@Video_Game_King said:

Hell no. I don't think that Persona 4 is even a launch title.

Nope, not in Japan and certainly not here. It should be out around September-October here, but there are plenty of awesome launch titles for it.
#13 Posted by Stackboy (605 posts) -

I'm heading to PAX East from Australia, the Vita would have been out for a little while by then so I might pick one up on my trip.

#14 Posted by Jack268 (3368 posts) -

After the revision and once it has a few games that aren't just console games on a handheld, sure.

#15 Posted by Redbullet685 (6186 posts) -

@Jack268 said:

After the revision and once it has a few games that aren't just console games on a handheld, sure.

Basically this.

#16 Posted by Happenstance (491 posts) -

I wasnt planning on it but my childish need to buy new tech won over my good judgement so ive currently got the Vita preordered with Amazon.

....I'm so weak.

#17 Posted by duggshammer (161 posts) -

waiting to see the visuals in person, I've got a giant backlog of games to play so I'm not dying for new ones... unless the thing can wow me with it's graphics and gameplay. All the 'touch' stuff in demos I've seen reminds of playing games on my iphone, which I don't care for.

#18 Posted by RuneseekerMireille (330 posts) -

Yes. In fact, I've preordered the Vita bundle from Gamestop, and have Gravity Rush preordered as well . I'll buy Lumines when it comes out digitally.

#19 Posted by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

i wasnt but i am now. i think its my need of..."newness" if that makes sense. Im quite bored lately, i need something new, and not just a new game. Suddenly i understand why people want the next gen to come fast :/

#20 Posted by emergency (1206 posts) -

@Happenstance said:

I wasnt planning on it but my childish need to buy new tech won over my good judgement so ive currently got the Vita preordered with Amazon.

....I'm so weak.

Similar situation here. I watched E3 and was like "man that looks like PSP v2.0 and I don't want it". Then they announced its price and i was like... not bad. After sleeping on it since then, I watched the vita segment with Dave and was like hmmm.. Jeff says "do ittttttt" and so I went promptly to amazon no questions asked. I don't even think I can afford it, I will suffer in the long term.

#21 Posted by Vexxan (4624 posts) -

I'll be buying a Vita when P4 The Golden is out.

#22 Posted by Marz (5704 posts) -

nope, waiting on some good games before i take the plunge... i have a psp to play psp games in the meantime.

#23 Posted by Whitelock (20 posts) -

I couldn't afford one even if I did want it. which I don't.


okay I really do want one. I'm just poor and angry about it.

#24 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1592 posts) -

got quite a few gamestop credits towards one with old consoles (DS and PSP) so yes. (with a new 3DS and a Vita wouldnt need those anyways)

#25 Posted by Landon (4134 posts) -

No, I'm not an idiot.

#26 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11946 posts) -


#27 Posted by NinjaHunter (996 posts) -

Yes, I'm buying a Vita at launch and no, I don't think it's a good decision.

#28 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1788 posts) -

I pre-ordered mine last summer, I'm honestly excited for the Vita it seems like it's going to be really great down the road, and I'm really looking forward to test-driving this little bugger on the day 1 release. Hell, I took the day off from work just to play around with it.

#29 Posted by Commisar123 (1852 posts) -

No, but as soon as a game I want comes out I will

#30 Posted by emergency (1206 posts) -

@NinjaHunter said:

Yes, I'm buying a Vita at launch and no, I don't think it's a good decision.

haha :D I feel somewhat similar, something tells me it's a dreadful idea.

#31 Posted by Enigma777 (6228 posts) -

There is no H in Da....

#32 Posted by Beforet (2989 posts) -

It's looking like a cool piece of hardware, and I eventually want to play Persona 4: The Golden, but I can't. A lack of funds make this a post-price drop purchase.

#33 Posted by Zleunamme (760 posts) -

I found the answers to the question confusing. The point is that I'm not interested in buying one. Based on the price on the hardware and all stuff I have to get to in order to play. The investment is too steep for me. Sony comes up with attractive products to hold on to but it won't replace my iPhone as a handheld gaming /multimedia device. I'm not a fan of the idea of handle games trying to duplicate the console experience. Avoid making impulse purchases because it can come back to haunt you. Some thing that was bought right away. Only to be used for a month. Then it collects dust in your home. Then you wonder why your bank account is a lot smaller. Try to make informed decisions before you buy.

#34 Edited by VisariLoyalist (3088 posts) -

no because I find I have little to no use for a handheld anymore. I would feel awkward and not very engaged playing it anywhere but my house and at that point I have a console anyways. Maybe it's just me but I feel like I get enough gaming at home anyways plus of how strange I find using handhelds which are never a very good shape for my large hands.

#35 Posted by m1k3 (1427 posts) -

I got one preordered on amazon. Funny thing is that the games and memory stick will come one week before the vita. Not interested in the first edition bundle though.

#36 Posted by SuperCabboy (100 posts) -

Its Day one for me, I'm going to get uncharted, then start saving for all the other awesome games coming out. I never got a ps3 but am looking forward to trying out all of these Sony ips. Also Gravity rush looks so good!

#37 Posted by Muerthoz (364 posts) -

I have a bunch of store credit built up so I ordered one.  If I didn't already have the store credit, I would have been OK with waiting until later.

#38 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19816 posts) -

Yes, I am. I`ve had the First Edition Bundle pre-ordered since October.

I already know I will be very satisfied with the Vita. There are already several announced games for it that I am interested in (WipEout 2048, Gravity Rush...) and I will also be able to download all of the PSP games I did not have the chance to play previously.

I want console experiences on a handheld because I spend more time than I would like away from my consoles. Being able to play these games during my commute will be wonderful.

#39 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5878 posts) -


I don't have that much money to spend, and honestly I barely have enough time to play games as it is. I'll definitely get one later though.

#40 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5005 posts) -

Nah. I'll be excited to see GB's coverage on it, though. It's just that money is an issue right now and I kinda want to wait until some future E3 announcements to hype me up some more.

#41 Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious (1679 posts) -

Yes. It's actually the first time I'm ever buying anything at launch after getting a PSOne after the PS2 launched, a DS Lite in 2009, and a PS3 in 2010.

#42 Posted by Contrarian (1206 posts) -

I have a friend visiting the states next month, for 3 months, so I am seriously thinking about having one brought back as it is $100 cheaper than local. There isn't a single launch game I am interested in, but like all consoles, there will be,

#43 Posted by Gatlin (2 posts) -

I have no plans for a day 1 buy, but seeing friends with it may pressure me on getting one. I'm worried about buying one then the Vita getting a price cut.

#44 Posted by FesteringNeon (2225 posts) -

I wish I had money to throw away like I did a year ago.. :/

Maybe next year? ... then again after the PSPgo, I think anything other than a phone for handheld is out of my radar.

#45 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (526 posts) -

I actually got to have a quick go on a demo model in Gamestation today. I have to admit I was impressed, the screen is f'ing beautiful, but i'm going to hold off and see where thing are going come Xmas.

#46 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

Was going to then I lost my job and moved to Florida so now I have to wait. Sadly this goes for all games, there were so many I wanted to play this month too. :(

#47 Posted by ApeGantz (229 posts) -

No. I'm buying a PSP Go(like the compact look) when the Vita launches. Mainly for Emulation and the few psp games I purchased on PSN.

Ill grab a Vita in the Summer when I have more money and time

#48 Posted by Bocam (3977 posts) -

I already bought a Japanese one, and I pre-ordered a English one

#49 Posted by ProfessorK (845 posts) -

After Dragon's Crown drops and my friends pick it up, that's when I'll get mine.

#50 Posted by Quipido (813 posts) -

I won't buy it, probably ever, but I am curios how that whole thing will turn up.

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