Bundled Price of MLB 12: The Show for PS3 and Vita is $79.99

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So with the first PSN title out of the way (Motorstorm RC) . Sony looks to retail to bundle console and vita version of MLB for $79.99. My question to the memebers of the Giant Bomb Vita Community is this a good look on future of all vita titles or will sony be the lone publisher taking this route. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/03/01/pick-up-mlb-12-the-show-on-ps3-and-ps-vita-save-20/

IIn my personal opinion. I love the idea. I hope it becomes the standard. I wont personally be buying this bundle just due to the quality of titles that have hit these past 4 weeks but when i look to pick up MLB the show I will probably go for the bundel. I really do hope publishers take this and run with it.

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It doesn't sound too expensive but I don't think it's something most people will go for.

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I think if the same game comes out on each system and if you can transfer saves like you can in MLB then I love it. My guess is Sony will be the only one to do this in the near future but look for EA to do this with their sport titles.

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That's more money than I'd be interested in spending for a license to play a game on both platforms.  $10 extra is the most I'd spend, but I'm not really sure if I'd pay for it at all.

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It's a good deal when you consider the prices when bought separate. I'll be happy when they bundle games i care about.

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I'm really hoping for a "buy the game on PS3, get a digital download of the Vita game for free" kind of deal.

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@Legend: Are you serious? It costs money to port games. If you're just giving it away for free then you are not going to even recoup production costs.

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