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For kicks, I thought I'd find out what cases you guys are planning on getting. I haven't decided yet. The plan I'm going with now is to see what Gamestop has in person when I pick up my pre-ordered Vita. But I like to browse around first so I know what all the options are to prevent me thinking what Gamestop has are my only choices. Who knows? Maybe Gamestop will have all the case options on launch day.

The only experience I have to go off of is the leather case I had for my GBA SP. It was made by Pelican, now called PDP. I always thought the case was superb. The fit was perfect. It felt nice. It wasn't cumbersome. It never wore out. Because of that, I'm keen on purchasing one of these cases.

However, I like MadCatz stuff, too, because of their controllers. They have an armor shell. [EDIT: removed game cartridge case]

Sony has a travel pouch and carrying case. The first edition bundle also includes an exclusive case. I saw someone post pictures and point out that that exclusive case pushes the shoulder buttons in while the system is in the case.

I'm not looking for a right or wrong answer, or for someone to make my decision for me... just wondering what you fellas are all getting.

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The armor case that MadCatz has to offer reminds me of the PSP logitech case. I had that case and really liked it so I would probably end up getting the armor case.

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That Pull N Go PDP case looks cool. I like the ones that hold a decent amount of games, and other stuff. However, the armor shell case looks really neat too. I might end up going with the armor one if the Vita looks like it'll fit nice and snug inside.

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The thing about the armor case is it leaves the buttons and sticks exposed. That's nice for being able to keep it on forever, but it doesn't make me confident about protection when I throw it into my coat pocket. Other than that, the armor case looks pretty sweet.

I like the official travel pouch, too. It's a good all-purpose one. The reason I haven't committed to that one is it looks a little wide. I want to be able to get the system in my coat pocket. Since the battery life should easily last a round trip bus ride to work, I don't need to bring the charger everywhere. That's just me.

What I'm leaning toward getting right now is the Pull 'N Go. It just makes sense for my needs. I was debating getting two cases before, and this provides that solution. The pullout will be for my daily bus commute, and I can use the whole kit for business trips.

I wish MadCatz would post their Vita products on their site. *grumble* I guess I will see the stuff in person in a couple weeks.

Hmm. I found another accessory provider, R4 Shops. They have an anti-shock case.

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