Fighting Games on the Vita

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Hi all, after watching the Evo 2012 stream for a bit, I started wondering if I should take a proper look at fighting games. For a noob, is the Vita a good-enough platform to get in to these games control-wise and also if the online matchups work fluently? ie. do you get beaten into frustration by players with arcade sticks and tellys when you go online and is going online a painful experience technically? Do the matchups work over 3g?

Also what game would you recommend? BlazBlue seems nice as does UMvC, but I dunno about these really.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but you can't play vita versions of games against ps3 versions. So as far as control options go it should be an even playing field.

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (19515 posts) -

Play fighting games on a console, it's a much better experience.@Suoritus said:

Do the matchups work over 3g?

The Vita doesn't use 3G for multiplayer.

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OK, but that seems like an immense pity, with empty lobbies galore.

I actually don't have a PS3, just a vita (&PC). Anyway, if thats the case (and I thought some games worker over 3g), the 3g modem is woefully underutilized. Anyway, thanks guys for the replies.

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@Suoritus: If you have a solid PC, then get SSF4:AE on there then. It's a solid version of the game.

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