How do you have your icons arranged?

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Do you have your games as the first thing that pops up or all the system level stuff? 
I have all the Trophies, friends, settings etc on the first page, then all my games on the 2nd page followed by crap I don't use on the third page.

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that first one there is really cool
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Default because I just don't give a fuck

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Any certain site to get good vita wallpaper, or just take them from giantbomb's images?
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Well I got a bunch from the Neogaf vita wallpaper thread which has lots of cool stuff. There's probably some other sites too, or you can resize some pictures you really like to 960x544 and see how they look. Here

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1. Essential apps

2. Vita games

3. Non essential apps

4. PSP games

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I front-load all my games, with important non-game things like trophies and friends put on the last page of games, then I have that matrix wallpaper that I dump all the other crap on last.

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my PSN is kingzetta I could use more vita friends. even tho I can't get NEAR to work.
apparently where I live does not exist.

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@kingzetta I added you.
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First is online apps, then Vita games and demos, some PSP games, and everything else on the last two.

My ocd is probably going to kill me once I get a large amount of Vita games.


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