I decided to buy Harvest Moon: Back to Nature...

#1 Posted by Azurath (352 posts) -

What the hell am I supposed to do?

I have never played any of the HM games, and this one sort of just throws you into the game. I skimmed through the manual, and I planted some cucumbers, now what?

#2 Posted by jesterroyal (390 posts) -


But seriously. Just plant stuff. Harvest it. Use it to buy more stuff. And talk to the villagers. Use that to buy animals and feed. Etc. Build a good farm that you can be proud of and just chat with people. Its a pretty chill game and sometimes you'll get a heads up of something you ought to do like participate in a festival but you just need to make sure you focus on making your ranch clean and full of crops and animals.

#3 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

Back to Nature is pretty lax compared to the games that came before it. Just...do whatever you want. I mean really, the game clock moves slowly and you have three years to meet requirements most people meet by the first spring.

#4 Posted by 49th (3129 posts) -

Harvest those sweet cucumbers then plant some more! Then do farming with cows. The possibilities are endless.

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