I got a Vita!!! But no games.

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Well I finally got my Vita but after buying it and an 8 gig. memory card I couldn't bring myself to spend what a new game that I actually wanted to play would cost. I downloaded a couple PSP games during the welcome back program so as long as they will work then it isn't just going to set there . But I kind of laughed on the way home realizing I had a brand new system and no way to truly enjoy what it was really intended for. So has anybody else ever bought a game system and not purchased a game to play on it?

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you're weird :)

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well you could always snag the downloadable games when you can.  They're pretty good apparently! I only have mutant blobs attack so far but that's pretty good.  I'm just waiting on my free super stardust (only.... 20? days and counting?)

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Me too ... I really wanted a vita then realized afterward there isn't a single game out that's worth $50 to me, or even $40. I'm trying to decide between returning it or waiting for some more games to come out.

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@MB: Stardust and Rayman Origins, also PSP Games:



-Valkyria Chronicles

-Monster Hunter

-Trails of the sky


-Jeanne D'arc

To name a few.

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I will probably download something else whether it is a mini or maybe another PSP game because I didn't have a PSP and that means I have a lot of games to catch up on.

Also now that I have a Vita and a PS3 I have one more question if anybody knows. If I buy one PS Plus does it have the benefits for both the PS3 and the Vita or do they want me to buy one for each system? If it is one price for both systems that may be too good of a deal for me to pass up.

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@MB: Sumioni: Demon Arts is coming out March 20th for $20 in the US. I'm looking forward to that, dunno bout you. Also Touch My Katamari and Rayman Origins are pretty solid, thinking bout getting Unit 13.

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@sopranosfan: Oh and PS+ carries across all systems, though there are no real benefits to Vita as of now, PS Minis acquired for free with PS+ currently aren't even working on Vita, but Sony is working on fixing that.

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@MB: That was kind of what happened to me. I figure that worst case scenario if I watch Amazon closely I will catch Uncharted on sale eventually. I am not too worried about amount of games though because of how many have already been announced. Also there are quite a few PSP games and a couple of download only games that I want so I think I will have enough to play.

@Djratchet: Glad to hear about the cross platform and I assumed it would but it wouldn't be the first time I assumed something and I was wrong. I will probably wait until they get the kinks worked out on the Vita.

Also played around with it for a little while and everything seems pretty good but I am going to have to find where to adjust the sleep mode timer because that could get annoying. If you downloaded a game during the Welcome Back program in anticipation of the Vita I am happy to report that it did work but for some reason I had to download it again and I don't remember deleting it but after redownloading it seemed to work fine although trying to play a game without the second analog definitely reminded me why I wasn't big on getting a PSP in the first place.

Overall after only a couple hours with it though I am still happy that I bought it and hopefully they keep putting out top tier games for it.

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I just got mine yesterday and I'm in the same situation, but I intend to go check out the Toys r us sale on vita games tomorrow. I'll probably get something then.

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Mutant Blobs Attack is really good and cheap. Everyone should buy it.

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...use it as a portable porn machine?

For those busy times when the itch really hits?

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@Scrumdidlyumptious said:

Mutant Blobs Attack is really good and cheap. Everyone should buy it.

also this

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I bought it for the sole reason of playing Tales from Space. I highly recommend it and it's super cheap!

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This thread just reminded me about the PSP games on my PS3 from the welcome back thing. I forgot to put them on my Vita!

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I got a Vita and didn't buy any games. That was mainly cause they were sold out of every game except 4, which i had absolutely no interest in any of them.

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@DarthOrange said:

I bought it for the sole reason of playing Tales from Space. I highly recommend it and it's super cheap!

Until you consider the fact that you bought a $250-$300 console for one $8 game :p

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I did the same thing with the Vita, it was all Psp games really, thats kinda the reason why i got it, the psp games do look really great on that screen tho :). The PSN store is a huge draw for me so many great things compared to the rubbish selection on the 3ds , altho there is one or tow things coming out here or there although none of them have interested me yet.

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You should buy Little Deviants.

Nah, just messin', you really shouldn't.

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