I'd buy a Golden Vita yesterday

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I know Giant Bomb kind of skews the popularity of the Persona series but it would have been a much better decision (at least in my mind) to make a golden Vita with Person 4 packed in instead of the white Vita. Black and White consoles, phones, and tablets are old news I WANT SOME GOLD and it would also give a game that deserves it some much needed attention. Especially with the great stuff they're offering with plus now there is no way I could have said no.

I've always had a problem impulse buying consoles and I've convinced myself to at least wait for a price cut because I know I'd never play it but if it was gold fuck it all take my money.

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That thread title is just fucking with my head.
I'm leaving now.

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I bought the special edition zelda 3ds last year, completely impulse cause I don't even play it really. A gold vita would be kinda stupid, I'm excited for the skin that comes with the game. Are they even selling vita/P4G packs?

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As someone that just bought a white one I would be very mad if the made a gold one now. I wish they had of though. I would have jumped on that like a mofo. Sadly Persona isn't as big of a name in the world of the people that get to make these things happen.

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@OllyOxenFree said:

That thread title is just fucking with my head. I'm leaving now.

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