Is it worth getting a vita now?

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#1 Posted by Raven_Sword (3446 posts) -

Right now I'm thinking of possibly picking up a vita. Especially since I might be getting a PS4 for Christmas.

But is it now worth getting? Is the game library finally there? How much has it improved? I have held off on getting a vita because I thought it was too expensive and the game library wasn't there yet. But the system is now 200 dollars and has had some more time to get games.

What would you guys say? (I should note I also already own a 3DS.

#2 Posted by MEATBALL (3607 posts) -

As long as you don't mind the fact that the game library consists of mostly games that you can find elsewhere I think it's totally worth getting. There are a lot of great games to play on the Vita and if you have a Playstation+ Subscription you're getting two more to play every month.

#3 Posted by Flappy (2375 posts) -

How do you feel about PSOne/Psp games? If you like those, you'll love the Vita.

PS+ is also good to have.

#4 Posted by BeefyGrandmole (367 posts) -

I'm gonna pick one up today. I think there's more than enough games to keep me entertained and I think the price is great now. I'm getting a vita with a 16gb card with 10 games and a copy of tearaway for €200. Along with P4G and spelunky I'm sorted for a while.

#5 Posted by Raven_Sword (3446 posts) -

@flappy: what makes you say that?

#6 Posted by Sergio (2318 posts) -

Did you have a PSP? That adds to the library of games it can play.

There's plenty of indie games on it. Yes, those are available on Steam already, but I find that they make great portable games.

PS+ and crossbuy are also great in supporting the Vita.

There are games for the Vita, but I can't really say if the library is there for you without knowing what you like. Someone could look at the launch line ups for the PS4 or Xbox One and say they don't have anything that interests them, while another person might find something in a genre they like. The same goes for the Vita.

#7 Edited by Fattony12000 (7632 posts) -

There are some games...

PS Vita games that you get for free, via the Instant Game Collection (North America)

  • Rayman Origins
  • Wipeout 2048
  • Gravity Rush
  • Jet Set Radio
  • Mutant Blobs Attack
  • Uncharted Golden Abyss
  • Retro City Rampage (cross-buy)
  • Chronovolt
  • Foosball 2012 (cross-buy)
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
  • Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov's Revenge (cross-buy)
  • Knytt Underground (cross-buy)
  • Germinator
  • The Pinball Arcade (cross-buy)
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
  • Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
  • Dokuro
  • Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball (cross-buy)
  • Machinarium
  • Hotline Miami (cross-buy)
  • Sine Mora
  • Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD
  • Soul Sacrifice
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  • Urban Trial Freestyle

PS Vita games that you can buy for money

As well as every PS4 game via Remote Play.

#8 Posted by egg (1469 posts) -

I don't own one, but maybe consider also whether you want the US model, or the Japanese-only Vita 2000, which can be charged using any micro USB cable. (it's also slimmer, lighter, has better battery life) The tradeoff is that the 2000 has an inferior screen.

Poor Sony... all because they made a new model, I am advertising it, possibly causing US sales of the Vita to be even worse! :p

#9 Posted by Raven_Sword (3446 posts) -

We'll, the games I'm interested in playing on vita, that I can think of on the top of my head, are uncharted, kill zone, metal gear, marvel cap com 3, gravity rush, tear away, wipeout, sound shapes, assassins creed, and they're might be a few other ones.

And I have ps plus on ps3, does that mean I also have it on vita?

#10 Posted by Flappy (2375 posts) -

@raven_sword: The Vita can play just about every PSX/PSP game available on PSN, so if you want to turn the Vita into some sort of Rpg-device (like many already have), you have a lot of quality options.

#11 Edited by MC_Hify (354 posts) -

@raven_sword said:

We'll, the games I'm interested in playing on vita, that I can think of on the top of my head, are uncharted, kill zone, metal gear, marvel cap com 3, gravity rush, tear away, wipeout, sound shapes, assassins creed, and they're might be a few other ones.

And I have ps plus on ps3, does that mean I also have it on vita?

Yeah, it'll go across all 4 platforms.

#12 Posted by Raven_Sword (3446 posts) -

Another possible option I was considering was just upgrading my 3DS to a 3DS XL. But I thought maybe a syestem I didn't already have would be better

#13 Posted by BeefyGrandmole (367 posts) -

@runcrash: 4 platforms? PS3, PS4, Vita and what's the other one? Mobile? Could I have been getting dumb phone games this whole time?

#14 Edited by SunBroZak (1473 posts) -

If you want to play indie games that are also on the PC, on the go, then you should definitely buy a Vita.

#15 Posted by Lyisa (409 posts) -

You get a better argument for the vita if you import games. The library in japan is far more extensive than in NA and EU. The vast majority of vita titles people get excited for here are indies that are on other platforms, or simply cross play with the ps4. (Is that what the feature is called? I can't remember..)

I would say circumstantially there has never been a better time to own a vita and if you own a ps4 and have ps+ the value of the system only goes up with time, really.

#16 Edited by Hosstile17 (769 posts) -

@raven_sword: You will love the Vita, provided you aren't under the impression that it will be something that you play all the time. The release schedule for the system is a little thin. But, it has quite a few good-to-great titles on it and more are always coming. It just isn't the kind of platform that has a AAA exclusive title every month or anything. Also, one thing I will say is that if Remote Play is something you are really excited about, you might want to try it out, first. The lack of buttons and the overall framerate on the system have been a drag for me. I was excited at the possibility of playing Resogun on it through Remote Play and that game is 60fps and the Vita only seems to be able to stream around 30fps and with a game like that, it can be tough to adjust.

But, I love my Vita and use it pretty regularly. I hope this helps!

#17 Edited by MEATBALL (3607 posts) -

@runcrash: 4 platforms? PS3, PS4, Vita and what's the other one? Mobile? Could I have been getting dumb phone games this whole time?


#18 Posted by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

Yes, but then no, but then yes again.

Persona 4 Golden. That's it.

#19 Posted by MEATBALL (3607 posts) -

Yes, but then no, but then yes again.

Persona 4 Golden. That's it.

Persona 4 Golden + Spelunky = Handheld Heaven

#20 Posted by psylah (2187 posts) -

Including all the previous games, Castlevania SotN is available on PSN for $10. I play it yearly, on whatever I can. The Vita will be my latest tool for this.

#21 Edited by Counterclockwork87 (757 posts) -

My biggest problem with the Vita is the vast majority of its good games exist elsewhere.

#22 Posted by Teoball (651 posts) -

I played through Persona 4 Golden and Uncharted right after I got it. Since then, I've downloaded the PS+ games every month just to try them out. Then I go "That's kinda neat" and i don't touch it until next month.

I'm picking up a PS4 tomorrow so maybe that'll change.

#23 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

It was worth getting a Vita last December, too.

#24 Posted by Chango (564 posts) -

I absolutely love mine, and I'm really surprised that I ended up making a complete 180 on my opinion on dedicated handhelds. I bought it just for Persona 4 Golden, and while for me that was entirely worth the purchase of the system, it's also become my Spelunky platform of choice, and you just can't go wrong with that.

#25 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (461 posts) -


#26 Edited by StrainedEyes (1338 posts) -

I bought one during Black Friday week and have really been enjoying it. I've been saving up a ton of PS+ games over the last year, so I was able to fill my memory card really fast.

I played through Uncharted, which was fine. I'm currently shuffling through Persona 4, Rayman Origins, and off/on Spelunky. Remote Play has been a little sketchy for me, but when it works it's really awesome.

It's a great handheld.

#27 Posted by Aquablak (200 posts) -

Get a Vita with PS Plus and you'll likely have more games than you know what to do with. That's the situation I'm in. Great system with a great library.

#28 Edited by Parkingtigers (175 posts) -

It's worth a reminder that if you are currently a PS+ subscriber, that you should be periodically logging into the PSN webstore and claiming all the free Vita/PS4 games. That way, when/if you buy a new console you'll have a ton of free games already waiting for you. Don't miss out, it's a couple of minutes work once a month to permanently link the games to your PSN account.

I'll add that I have been a Vita owner since January 2012 and have been in love with it all through that time. Great machine with an ever improving library. I filled my 32 GB card several times over, and I'm seriously considering biting the bullet on a 64 GB because I want all the games with me.

We get true, "proper" portable Minecraft soon. That'll sell a million Vitas by itself, you just watch.

#29 Posted by AlexGBRO (329 posts) -

@raven_sword: if the vita had normal memory cards then is would have much much better because there good games on it and there are a lot of cross buy games and ps+ makes it great

#30 Posted by AMyggen (3871 posts) -

@parkingtigers: For as big as Minecraft is, I think you're overrating its value for the Vita a bit.

Anyways, my problem with the Vita is the lack of games I want to play that I can't play elsewhere. But not everyone care about that, and for some PS+ will be enough.

#31 Edited by Stete (748 posts) -

I think so, plus I think its best to get the OLED one before it runs out. But there's a pretty sizable amount of worthy games on it, Rayman Legends, Persona 4, Dragon's Dogma, Guacameelee, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Uncharted, Terraway, Terraria, Injustice, Killzone plus loads of PSP games.

The only beefs I have with the system is that the memory cards are still ridiculously expensive (I was able to get a 32gb card from amazon for £40 which was on offer, but still much more expensive compared to sd cards) and the fact there is no decent racing game on it yet. But other than that I am really happy with it, I haven't had this much fun with a handheld since the Game Boy Advance days.

Oh, and concering PS Plus, I probably wouldn't recommend it if you have just a Vita or a PS3 or a PS4, but if you have at least two of those systems then it's definitely worth it.

#32 Edited by Captain_Felafel (1613 posts) -

I think it's absolutely worth owning one. Sure, a healthy number of the games on the system that are worth playing are on other platforms (Disgaea 3, Dragon's Crown, Hotline Miami, Muramasa Rebirth, Rayman Legends, Sound Shapes, Spelunky, et al), but there are still a number of great exclusives for the system like Gravity Rush, Persona 4: Golden, Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway, and Ys: Memories of Celceta.

Obviously if you've played a lot of the multiplatform games already, the Vita is going to be less attractive, but if not, coupled with its exclusives, it's got quite a nice little library. Coupled with the PS3/PS4 screen sharing support, and a regular output of free games via PS+, I think it's a great time to get the system.

#33 Edited by spookytapes (270 posts) -

I love the Vita. I like it way way more than the 3DS. I wish it had more games, but there is plenty to play on it now, I think.

The cross buy and remote play stuff has made me very happy. It's an excellent piece of hardware.

#34 Edited by Butano (1803 posts) -

Yea, only two games I've purchased for it have been Persona 4 Golden and Dragon's Crown. Ended up picking up PS+ on Black Friday and that has totally justified the purchase.

EDIT: Getting a memory card is the only thing I absolutely hate about it, due to the price gouging, but I got lucky and was able to get a 32GB from Best Buy for $40.

#35 Posted by Ksaw (356 posts) -

I've enjoyed it much more than I ever enjoyed the PSP. It has some of the same issues as the psp did. I haven't had much fun with console style games for the system ( Uncharted, AC Liberation ) but games that are are more suited to a handheld have been great. some of the smaller games that've come out for both PS3 and Vita ( Hotline Miami ) have actually been more fun to play on the Vita.

#36 Edited by Raven_Sword (3446 posts) -

What do you guys think of using that 200 dollars to get a 3DS XL instead? I already own a 3DS, but I keep thinking my top screen is messed up.

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#39 Posted by Fattony12000 (7632 posts) -
  1. I bought the Zelda 3DS XL bundle at launch.
  2. I've just been paid early, and with a Christmas bonus.
  3. My thumb is hovering over the Tearaway PSV bundle right now.
#40 Posted by MEATBALL (3607 posts) -

  1. I bought the Zelda 3DS XL bundle at launch.
  2. I've just been paid early, and with a Christmas bonus.
  3. My thumb is hovering over the Tearaway PSV bundle right now.

Do it. Do it doit doit.

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#42 Posted by phantomzxro (1584 posts) -

short answer yes i do believe it worth it.

It will depend on what you like playing and if the other features are worth wild to you. I think the library is healthy not has strong as the 3ds where right now if the 3ds was your only system you would be ok. But i do believe he has comparing titles and it growing thats to indie games and we are starting to see jrpgs move over from psp to vita.

#43 Posted by Fattony12000 (7632 posts) -

#44 Posted by TrafalgarLaw (1477 posts) -

I really want one but I'm sick of sony not announcing the new 2000 model for europe (and us).

#45 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (3942 posts) -
#46 Posted by Xymox (2128 posts) -

Another 3DS owner here. Really don't think upgrading to the XL is worth it. My reasoning is that by grabbing the Vita you'll have access to more games as opposed to having what, a bigger screen? You'll still only have access to the 3DS/DS library, whereas if you get the Vita you'll also have access to not only Vita games but also PS, PSP games through psn. Slowly convincing myself it's a good time to get one. Also can't wait to get my hands on that hot Charlie Tunoku X Hatsune Miku game.

Well the same package that Vinny supposedly bought over Thanksgiving Break was this:

and I think he saved 20 bucks on his. This looks like a deal if you don't have playstation plus. Reason I say this is because I believe the three games listed with the vita is free with a plus account.

God damn that seems like a good price for what you're getting. Too bad they don't have the same offer over on the sister sites. Not interested in having to deal with region locked charger cables and such. But it's almost worth importing seeing as how it'd cost almost $40 more over here, and you wouldn't get a single game or memory card.

#47 Edited by tourgen (4542 posts) -

soul sacrifice is pretty fun

#48 Edited by sub_o (914 posts) -

If you have been downloading Vita games from your PS+ subscription, then yes, at least a dozen of free games are waiting for you.

Currently Vita library is still quite small compared to 3DS, but well, it's growing. If you never owned a PSP before, then there's a large number of really good PSP games playable on Vita, from all the Persona series to Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together.

If you're buying for potential, then games such as Fez, Hotline Miami 2, Rogue Legacy, Mighty No.9, are also coming to Vita, but of course only if you've not already played them,

I find myself gravitating to my Vita more often than my PS3, but maybe because I just bought my Vita recently. It's great for RPGs, and I really like the suspend / multi tasking on Vita.

#49 Posted by MEATBALL (3607 posts) -
#50 Posted by xyzygy (10091 posts) -

Go for it. And honestly I would say get one now. I got one last month and let me tell you, the screen is an absolute dream. It's a great little system and I've been spending so much time on it between Dragon's Crown, BlazBlue, LBP, Wipeout, and 4 to 5 more games I own that I haven't even touched yet.

Also, FFX and X-2 is coming out for it so.... awesome. I cannot wait for that.

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