Japanese Vita games that have an English option

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Oh hi The only game I want for the system so far is Persona 4. I live in Shanghai and the shop I go to, sells many Japanese games unreleased in the West. Does anyone happen to know of Japanese recent titles that are playable without being able to understand Japanese? Any help much appreciated

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If you're a Gundam fan you can pick up the newest Gundam Battle game. I've imported and enjoyed every game in the Battle series and I don't understand any Japanese. The only thing you need to look up is the level up menu, but once you learn it it's not a problem any more.

Also I haven't played it, but Ragnarok Odyssey is out in Asia. I believe there is a version with English text.

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Oh I do like me some Gundam. Have only seen 79 and I recently bought 80 in a shop over here but have yet to see it as I have no DVD player

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