Motorstorm RC on the free for Vita owners tomorrow

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If you were planning on buying Motorstorm RC for your Vita, you don't have to, it'll be free starting tomorrow. I'll still end up paying since I want the PS3 version, too, but it's pretty cool that it's going to be free on the Vita regardless.

I played the PS3 demo version off of the EUR store last weekend and I'd still rather have a full blown Motorstorm game, but in the meantime, RC is pretty fun.

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This is great news for anyone who doesn't yet have the game! I bought the PS3 version for £4.79 and received the vita copy too :) It's a great casual experience. Thank you for sharing the details

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@EarlessShrimp said:

@Krakn3Dfx: Please refer to

Ooops, I totally looked through the Vita forums, but didn't think to check the Motorstorm RC forum.

I'll be better next time. Or at least I'll try to be. I didn't have a great memory at 20, at 40, it's really struggling.

#5 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1669 posts) -
@Krakn3Dfx: eh, it happens to everyone!
#6 Posted by 014 (348 posts) -

Sweet news! This is why I stop by the Vita forums frequently.

#7 Posted by yakov456 (1923 posts) -

This is a fun little game for free! Plus trophies!

#8 Posted by Rabbykayn (227 posts) -

It reminds me a bit of Rock and Roll racing from SNES which is absolutely a good thing. Great free game with quite a bit of content.

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