Music Unlimited on the Vita

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I started up a trial of Music Unlimited to utilized across my PC, Vita, PS3, Android phones and Galaxy Tab. I have a home server full of music that I stream to devices on my network but I was looking for a non-Apple, non-Google alternative to cloud music storage combined with a selection of current music I can listen to.

Music Unlimited on the Vita is interesting. You can select any collection of songs or albums and download them for "offline" listening. While you can't play a game and listen to a song streaming in Music Unlimited, you can listen to a downloaded offline song while playing a game on the Vita. Music Unlimited also downloads music while you're playing, so I've queued up a few albums, played some games and after a few minutes I have a whole album downloaded to listen to.

It's interesting, not sure if I'll subscribe but wanted to give some gaming-related feedback.

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Sounds really handy. Though, I'm just plain old-fashioned when it comes to my music. I buy CD's, rip them to the hard drive, and usually only listen to music stored locally, especially when doing other things.

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I'm thoroughly invested in Microsoft's zune client because I own a Zune HD and windows phone, and the player works great. Since I do have a vita, I might check this out, though I doubt I will switch this late in the game.

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How much is it? I've thought about subscribing for a while now.

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The downside about Music Unlimited is that the library is very limited. I started getting an alarming number of repeats in song choices within a few days of normal listening.

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This thing is pretty cool and has given me even more reason to use the vita. Paired with a bluetooth headset that get calls on the phone & plays the music from the vita all with no cable hassles is very nice. I actually didn't know the play while listening to downloaded songs, I'll take a look in to it. As for repeats, how I handle this is that I make a playlist, select it for download and don't stream ever, when I run out/need new I make a new playlist. Haven't noticed anything lacking in the selection, there's always gaps in these compared to a well cultivated collection. But thats par for the course, as a rent-music-for-month service its quite ok.

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