New to Sony video game platforms, any advice?

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I'm considering buying a PS Vita (WiFi version is fine for me), I never had a Sony console so I'm not familiar with how Sony platform works but I'm a hardcore gamer, I enjoy complex games more than iPhone games, tough they're funny for a quick play.

So for a new "Sony gamer" what should I expect? I mean, is there more pros or cons for me than for long time sony gamers? Something specific I should consider before entering Sony platform? Is the Vita a good entry point?


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Why am I filled with hatred from reading a dumb post?

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@Doctorchimp said:

Why am I filled with hatred from reading a dumb post?

I don't know.
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Yeah, when you buy a sony platform you need to send a sample of blood and semen (not mixed) to sony HQ so they can keep it on file to verify you in case of account theft. So make sure to have a needle handy.

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Being a Sony gamer isn't much different than being any other type of gamer. You buy a game, you start the game, you play the game.

If you're looking at what types of games are available - well, that's quite varied.

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Be ready for ultra Japanese software, but pretty slick hardware.

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Im gonna be honest, I have no idea what they hell you are asking but I'm gonna answer the best I can.  You should get a Playstation 3 before the Vita.  Its a home console which makes it better than anything you can get on the Vita. Chances are after you include the memory stick it would even be cheaper to get the PS3 and a few games compared to the vita. Just my 2 cents  (in pennies)

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Becoming a Sony gamer will seal your fate.

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I believe you can play video games on a Playstation Vita. Right?

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Welcome to the Dark Side, new Sony gamer...

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@flammverit said:

Something specific I should consider before entering Sony platform? Is the Vita a good entry point?

I interpret this as... you're looking to buy into a particular brand rather than get the games or hardware itself. That's not really the best way to approach it. Though, I'm not really sure I understand where you're coming from.

All platforms are largely the same (Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Steam [seemed weird to write "Valve" there], etc.) You have hardware that can play a specific library of games. The games can be purchased at retail stores or digitally. They provide services to play games online (Microsoft charges for their service so there is a difference there). They sometimes attach additional services like Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. since they've evolved to be entertainment devices in addition to being able to play video games. There's hardware details that can be discussed like the memory sticks & accessories of the Vita itself, but that's not really relevant to the Sony "platform".

What you should be asking yourself is whether or not you know of any games that will make buying a Vita worthwhile. Everything else is largely just periphery & shouldn't be the deciding factor (though it can help in a tie-breaker if you're choosing between multiple systems that have games you want).

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@KZeni: @Sackmanjones: @Rolyatkcinmai:

I guess I couldn't explain my questions but thanks for taking the time to answer, they're helpful. I'd delete this post but I don't know how :/

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