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I posted Uncharted on for sale because I'll beat it today. The games I want to get from the sale money are either Unit 13 or two PSP games: FF Tactics WoTL and Tactics Ogre. I'll get all of them eventually. I really like shooters and games like Fire Emblem. For those of you who have played the PSP tactic games I mentioned, would you say to get them first?

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@014: I played and loved FFT: WoTL, have not played Tactics Ogre. Rayman: Origins is awesome, if you like Platformers.

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I enjoyed the mechanics in Tactics Ogre more. 
The Chariot system (basically an undo button) and the World Tarot system (which lets you revisit past plot points to see how different choices would alter the story) in particular make it a more interesting game than FFT. The story's not bad either and there are a lot of options for customizing your characters.

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@SepticShock said:

@014: Rayman: Origins is awesome, if you like Platformers.

Yes, definitely get Rayman Origins if you haven't played it already. I think it's the best game available on the Vita right now.

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Hopefully this thread wasn't annoying, but, what I think I'm going to do is get Unit 13 + FFT. They're very different games, and FFT is cheap. No reason to get FFT and Tactics Ogre at the same time since they're so similar. I'll get Tactics Ogre down the line when I beat FFT.  
Oh, Rayman is on the wish list already. It's gorgeous. But the Unit 13 demo kept me coming back more than the Rayman one did, so I'm getting Unit 13 sooner.

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