Ps1 Classics.

#1 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (745 posts) -

so the ps1 classics got updated from soon to "This summer". does anybody have more info than that? ive looked around and cant find muc but im hoping one of you fine folks might hav seen somthing i didnt,


#2 Posted by Vrikk (1082 posts) -

Where did you even see it being updated? Give us something to work with beyond "it got updated".

#3 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (745 posts) -

@Vrikk: it was at E3. my bad,thought it was common knowledge.

#4 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

I thought summer was happening soon?

#5 Posted by Vrikk (1082 posts) -

Summer is like.. now. It's June. We still need a firm date. I want to play FF VII on my Vita, damn it!

#6 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (745 posts) -

@Vrikk: yeah,thats why i was looking for sombody that may have seen some news other than this "summer".

i cant bloody wait to play mgs1 and ff8 on my vita. im looking more foreward to this than anything else this year.

#7 Posted by EpicSteve (6910 posts) -

As long as I can play Future Cop on the go...

#8 Posted by RazielCuts (3053 posts) -

I don't get how PS1 games aren't already playable on the Vita..they were playable on PSP years ago..was an odd moment when this was an announcement at the Sony Conference, I just auto presumed they already were.

#9 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (745 posts) -

@RazielCuts:'s kind of stupid. im alo aware of how stupid it is to want to play 15 year old games on my shiny new Vita but goddammit. i NEED to be able to play FF8 on the toilet!

#10 Posted by Soap (3742 posts) -

I saw a video of a Vita running a PS1 game and it took up about... 3/5ths of the screen, I hope that I have the option to make it fit the screen like I did on the PSP because that is waaaaaaaaaay to small.

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