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#1 Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus (234 posts) -

I have a potentially duncey question for other Vita owners. Do you need to leave apps open to have their functionality while playing? For example, do I need to have "Friends" running to get friend notifications and do I need "Group Messaging" open to recieve new message notifications? I don't have a super busy friends list, but I haven't gotten any notifications of the sort in the system menu (The little bubble on the top right) or while in game. I'm just not sure if I'm missing something by closing the apps every time I'm not actively using them.

#2 Posted by Demon_Sandwich (119 posts) -

I have noticed that if you keep at least one open it does keep notfications on.

#3 Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus (234 posts) -

@Demon_Sandwich: Interesting. So if you keep those apps closed you don't get notifications... That's interesting. I suppose it would be a quick and handy way to turn on/off notifications... Although the knowledge doesn't seem readily on hand.

#4 Posted by Enigma777 (6239 posts) -

Nope. I've had all the apps aside from a single game closed and I still get notifications.

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