Ragnarok Odyssey

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Very nice! Awesome to hear its getting a localization. I saw some footage of it, and looks like another great addition to the vita's library!

Now if only they'd hurry up with the Malicious vita version.

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No joke. Vita needs all the games it can get. Been waiting for Malicious ever since I heard the developer was interested in doing it.

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Now they need to hurry up on trails in the sky 2

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@SlightConfuse: For your own peace of mind, I would forget Sora no Kiseki SC exists. Seeing as how it was dual UMD game that apparently had constant swapping between the UMDs for areas in the game it can't exist on the PSN with how it works. So Falcom has to rework it but Falcom is a tiny company and they're too busy milking the living crap out of the Kiseki series to worry about reworking the game for a smaller market. Falcom stated it would take them roughly a year to do it apparently on Twitter. Unless they skip the Sora trilogy and just go straight to localizing the new Nayuta game I don't see one of those Trails games coming out here for a very very long time.

Although, Falcom just needs to start revealing news about Celceta. I mean, Nayuta is done and coming out in 2 months. It's time Falcom. IT IS TIME!

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well a man cane dream

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@SlightConfuse: Yes, well it really was an extremely poor time for XSeed to do the Kiseki games, especially without looking ahead. Vita really killed any chance of a physical release of the PSP version and 2 UMDs killed any chance for PSN release. Wouldn't be such a huge issue if First Chapter didn't end in such an abrupt way. Oh well. Hopefully it won't end up like GKH, where XSeed just completely drops any interest in it because the developer of the game is too busy doing something else to bother.

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@Yadilie: yea but the UMD switching sounds like a hassle. im still hopeing that final fantasy type-0 comes out soon which is also 2 umds

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@SlightConfuse: Don't truly quote me on this but I think Type-0 should be fine. I think that's more of a Final Fantasy 7/8/9 kind of thing. Where you hit a certain point and you save then just enter the next UMD and you're good to go. SnK SC has you swapping constantly.

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@Yadilie: yea that's what i heard as well, hopfully something comes out of E3

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I'd like for Trails 2 to come out on Steam. Don't know how likely that is but it might be possible. 
anyway, this game looks great but I don't have a Vita and I still don't know if getting one is worth it atm.

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@FancySoapsMan: The Kiseki Trilogy was originally a PC series, hell all of them up until Zero were. So it's actually possible that could happen.

Not to mention that Zero and Ao, the two PSP and soon to be first Vita Kiseki games, also got PC ports in China. So there's that as well.

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This looks real good. I love the Monster Hunter game on the PS2 (it's the only one I've played, alright? Give me a break.)

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Reminds me of Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star

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Can't wait to finally get my hands on a real RPG on the vita :]

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I played it at NYCC for a bit. Not the best setting to jump into a game like that but it controlled really well and seemed to have some good hooks. The Monster Hunter comparisons are totally valid. I'm looking forward to it.

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I wasn't really into it at first, since it seems like quite the departure from Ragnarok Online (I spent many hours in that game with my friends and I loved how it looked), but there's been a fair amount of goodwill towards that game as of late, so I think I may give it a shot.

Of course, it's likely that game will fall to the wayside as soon as P4G is released, so I'll still have to mull over whether or not to purchase this at launch.

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