Rumour has it Vita out October 28th.

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From Engadget this morning. Source: T

Blockbuster may have had its shareoftrouble here in the States, but that doesn't mean its British brother isn't doing well enough to have (and leak) a big-shot release date or two. According to a flyer brandishing the Blockbuster logo and that good 'ol extension, the PlayStation Vita will land in the United Kingdom on October 28th. That's ominously close to Halloween -- not that we're suggesting anybody is having pre-holiday PSV boot-shakes, or anything -- and the flyer's fall release prediction squares up nicely with Sony's "end of 2011" launch window. As always, we suggest taking rumors and leaks such as this with a grain of salt -- but considering Sony's sinkable record regarding loose lips, we'd understand a low sodium approach. Hit the break to get a peek at the Blockbuster UK flyer -- ready and waiting for your judgement.

Saw there wasn't a thread concerning this, and even though I don't particularly care much, I imagine a lot of you do. So here we have it; PS Vita, allegedly, set for release 28th October. Seems a bit soon to me, especially as they usually release in Japan first, but hey; flyer.

Go nuts people; or something.

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Seems early.

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