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And, we're up to September, and I'm here again with a rundown of upcoming and recently announced games for the PlayStation Vita. As usual, it is focused on the North American market, with Europe and Japan exclusive titles in their own sections below.

It's a big month for retail releases, as gorgeous looking platformer Rayman Legends barges out at the start of the month, followed closely by Killzone Mercenary - which promises not only the highest production values you've ever seen in a handheld FPS, but a excellent gameplay to boot. Less great is the repackaging of last years FIFA with updated teams, but I suppose we should be happy EA is bothering with the game at all. There's also a tentative release date for action RPG Valhalla Knights 3 at the end of the month, though XSeed has yet to officially confirm it.

The PSN line-up is pretty nice too, with KickBeat finally making an appearance after missing its original launch target almost a year ago. Also coming out after a delay, though in this case just from last month, is boxing game Real Boxing. And there's Atelier Meruru Plus, thankfully with a bit more fanfare than Totori's complete stealth release, while Dragon Fantasy: Book II continues Ogden's adventures as a 16-bit, Chrono Trigger inspired, retro RPG. Silent Hill demake Lone Survior might make an appearance too, but that remains to be confirmed.

Moving on to new announcement... Well, Sony announced announced around two dozen indies/downloadable games at Gamescom. I'm not going to list them all since you can find the all below, but highlights include Minecraft, Fez, Velocity 2X, Rogue Legacy, Starbound, and Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse, and Sony published games like twin stick shooter Helldivers from the developers of Magicka, creepy adventure Murasaki Baby, and Lemmings Touch.

More recently at PAX, SCEA also revealed their Third Party Productions team - a group formed to help bring third parties bring their games to PlayStation platforms and also localize games from Japan. Their first project is sending Borderlands 2 off into the Lang Zone for a Vita port, so hopefully they've got more in store for our little handheld.

Not quite as many game reveals in Japan last month, but a port of Dynasty Warriors 8 with the full Xtreme Legends expansion wasn't bad, nor was the remake of Atelier Rorona. Level 5 announced their new free to play RPG Wonder Flick with a Vita version included, Acquire continued their Akibahara vampire stripping adventure with Akiba's Trip 2, and ports of cross-over beat 'em up Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds and fanserivce heavy dungeon crawler RPG Dungeon Travelers 2 are also coming. Also, more anime based games and visual novel ports as usual.

And that's that for this month. Next time? Batman!



Downloads (Tentative)

Q4 2013



Next year?

Retail releases



  • Zero Escape 3 - Development has started, but patforms have yet to be annouced
  • Sly Cooper HD Collection - ESRB rating
  • Yakuza game
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us - Amzon France listing
  • Still Time - Minimalist indie puzzle platformer
  • Amazing Spider-Man


(Titles out in Europe with no American release announced.)


(Incomplete list of Japanese titles that have yet to be announced for western release)


Retail (released)

Download (released)

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Don't You Dare say FFX HD will come out next year :(

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@jimmyfenix: To be honest, the current Q4/next year separation should be taken with a pinch of salt since most of the titles do not have release dates announced and could come out at any time. I think there was a rumor that FFX is unlikely to arrive until Q1 next year though.

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I want Killzone Mercenary and Rayman Legends for my Vita but I'm poor so yay! All that indie love at Gamescom made me cry. Also, it's not Flower. It's Flowery. :P That's what it said at Sony's TGS pre-show, which was weird.

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I bought a Vita after the price drop and man, I'm sure glad I did.

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Nice work, Vitabro.

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