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The two places I play my Vita the most are on the bus and during my daughter's fencing practices. It struck me recently that I'd like to waste time playing The Sims on my Vita. Anyone (possibly ashamedly) agree with me? As low as my expectation was for The Sims on GBA (my last handheld), I actually enjoyed it.

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It would be nice,  but not something I would be interested in unless I could continue my PC game on it,  which is never going to happen. 
I can see them releasing either a beefed up version of their mobile game or another spin off type game which doesn't really give you the full experience.

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I think The Sims would be a good fit for the Vita. The iPhone version was decent, so I imagine with a larger screen and hardware buttons alongside a touch screen, a game built for the system could work pretty well. Though, as j0rdan points out, there are also ways they could mess it up. If they just port the mobile version over and tack on some physical control options, it probably won't be very good.

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I would love a Sims on Vita. They released them on PSP so one should come out for Vita eventually.

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I would get it, and I bet the next time they make another version for consoles well see a Sims come out for Vita.

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@WilltheMagicAsian said:

Bring back Sims: The Urbz

This person knows what they're talking about. I'll never understand why, but I liked the Urbz.

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@WilltheMagicAsian: YES I loved the Urbz

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Oh my god. I didn't know I wanted this until you said it. Holy crap, give me the sims. PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE.

ps. The Urbz actually rocked.

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If they released all of the original Sims games as one Vita game (The Sims through The Sims Superstar) I would love it.

Getting a current gen Sims game on anything but a PC is usually watered down, but the original games could definitely run perfectly fine on a Vita.

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I'm on board, even if I haven't a Vita. The Sims is a perfect fit for portables.

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