Treasure Park - Are you man enough?

#1 Posted by Hooyman (4 posts) -

Hey guys - I'm looking for a few friends to exchange those treasure park sheets with. Just add me on PSN and I'm sure we'll develop a deep rivalry over this action-packed vita gem. Seriously, I'm on my vita quite a bit, so you can expect a steady exchange. PSN: Skrzak

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PSN: GooieGreen

I haven't been using it for a while since... I'm not to sure what the overall goal is other than getting a higher level. But I'll gladly get back in if someone is making more maps, so long as I win in the end :)

They really need to make a better map sending system.

#3 Posted by jesterroyal (384 posts) -

What is this game?

#4 Posted by ESREVER (2820 posts) -

I have this on my vita, but I haven't played it yet. What is it? I keep finding game goods for it via Near.

#5 Posted by GooieGreen (463 posts) -

@ESREVER: @jesterroyal: It is an app that uses near to send, receive, and play user-generated color grids that have treasure and traps hidden within. It doesn't support trophies, so that might be important to some people upfront.

You get a few prize-trap pieces that you can place anywhere on a randomized color-tiled board. You can rotate the pieces a few ways in order to trick players into choosing a trap (bomb or bear-trap) instead of a prize (coins or diamond; the latter of which is a goal). Your goal as a player is to find the treasure chest with the diamond at the end of 5 guesses, gaining or losing coins along the way. Creators of the maps gain bonus points for defeating the player. All of those points go toward leveling up, although I am unclear as to the purpose of leveling up. Hopefully it will result in something cool, but it is a decent time-waster.

It is hard to describe, so skip around this long Japanese video to understand it with some visual feedback.

Loading Video...

#6 Posted by Hooyman (4 posts) -

Yeah, the game is basically kinda like psudo-minesweeper.  I don't really know what the point of leveling up is either, but it's just fun to have a few people to send sheets to and get sheets from.  I sent out a request to you Gooie, any other takers?

#7 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

Man, I'd love me some Treasure Park friends. I'll add both of you and my ID is Jetzudan. I'm terribad at this game though, but I'll be looking forward to some sheets.

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Feel free add to me mr187uk.

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Come at me, yo.

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