Vita Multiple Accounts

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I intend to buy a Vita at some point in the not too far future, but given there are game sales going on right now for it, I want to know on which account I should buy them on.

Here's the deal: I have 2 PSN accounts I use regularly - one from my country, which all my PS3 saves are on, and which used to not have a PSN store, and has a few people on my friend list. The PSN store is generally more expensive here as well, now that it's active. I have another US account, which used to be where I bought most of the online games - I already own a couple of PS1 Classics and PS Minis that I didn't complete and would like to play on the Vita if possible. I also have 2 PSP games from the Welcome Back promotion.

I've heard that it's not possible to have two accounts on the Vita, but I've never seen a clear answer about downloading some games with a specific account and then ditching that account and keeping the games - I think I saw someone refer to not being able to get trophies from such games, but that's not really a problem.

I'm not sure which account I'll use - I'd rather use my main account for playing, but I don't really want to buy the games I have on the US account again either. Since I can buy Vita games on sale right now, I'd like to know if I need to buy on a specific account to get them to work.

tl;dr: Can I download games from two accounts and have all my saves on one account?

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The Vita is linked to an account, you cant use content from another account like you can on the PS3.

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Just to be clear, if I download some games on the SD, reset the account info, I won't be able to start the games from the previous account?

Bummer :(

Do you know if it's possible to use the magic of transfarring between different accounts?

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I remember reading you could download the games, and they would stay on the home screen regardless of which account you are logged into, but it wont let you launch them without the right one

But I can't confirm this since I only have one account

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I'm juggling between two accounts on two different memory cards myself and it's not possible, the Vita won't let you mix and match

Whenever you want swap between the two you always have to 'Restore the PS Vita System', once you log into an account it sticks. 'Logging out' only cuts your connection to PSN, not the account from the device.

If you try putting in a memory card that has been in contact with another account the system just tells you 'The memory card inserted in your system is linked with the following SEN Account. To use the memory card with your PS Vita system, you must format the memory card.'

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@ervonymous That's unfortunate. It's not possible to have cross platform saves when they don't share a PSN account either, right?

I guess I'll run through the games I already own on my US account and then swap permanently. Thanks for the help.
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@FTomato: I would think so, since you can't really do anything with the memory card without having it tied to an account.

I understand why Sony put a leash on the Vita, but it's maybe just a bit too tight.

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can a north america game use the items on ps store in japan psvita? please reply thank u i need a answer cause of expensive prepaid card..

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