Vita save on game card?

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Hi I only have Hot Shots, the physical copy on the Vita. I want to reformat the memory card so I can play the SNK games I bought on my American psn account but I don't have a computer, just an Ipad so I can't transfer the save. Is it true that you can save your progress on the game card, so I could reformat my memory card, switch to American from European but not lose my data? Thanks

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I could be wrong but to my knowledge that is not an option. You could always back it up to a friend's computer or PS3.

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@cosi83: Whether a game saves on the memory card or the game card depends on the game itself. With PlayStation Plus, I can check where the save is located when uploading saves to the online storage in Content Manager, though if you had Plus I suppose you wouldn't be asking this. Else, I think games that save on the game card will not have the memory card required notice on the cover, that's the case with Virtue's Last Reward at least.

If the save is on the memory card, your only option is to subscribe to Plus, or find someone with a PS3 or PC to keep a backup of your European saves for you.

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I recently bought plus but i was unaware about the content manager check

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@cosi83: Ah, well if you have Plus you can just upload all your saves into the online storage with Content Manager, and they'll be safely stored away when reformat your system. You'll be able to recover them at any time when you revert back to your Euro account.

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@cosi83: If you haven't gotten around to it, PS+ in Content Manager should save most if not all of your saved data, so long as you transfer it manually. PS3 back ups will also work.

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Much appreciated. I'm on the last boss of Peace Walker, I need to finish this first before I reformat as I can't transfer a psp save to the content manager.

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