What are you playing until the Vita comes out?

#1 Posted by RainVillain (480 posts) -

I'm thinking I'll pick up Tales of the Abyss tomorrow and playing that game on my 3DS. I figure this'll be the last thing I play on my 3DS for a while, what with the plethora of Vita games coming out this month and the dearth of 3DS games for the foreseeable future. Depending on how engrossed I am in Tales of the Abyss, I might put off getting the Vita til I finish that game (assuming I'm not done it in a week's time).

I'll also be re-playing through FFXIII-2, which I dug but messed up on the Crystarium, so I'm playing through it a second time.

What about you guys? What games will you be playing until the 22nd (or whenever y'all are getting your Vitas).

#2 Posted by jgf (392 posts) -

I'm currently finishing left-overs. Dark Souls, Vanquish...

I need a clean desk when vita is out :D

#3 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19339 posts) -

I'm trying to finish off The Last Window and maybe I'll get far enough into Arkham City tomorrow before the Vita launches.

#4 Posted by RE_Player1 (7560 posts) -

Trying to finish up Rage and Super Mario 3D Land.

#5 Posted by wemibelec90 (1660 posts) -

Since I won't pick one up until Persona 4 Golden is out, quite a bit.

#6 Posted by DonutFever (3551 posts) -

The waiting game. But actually, Rayman: Origins and trophy hunting in a bunch of games.

#7 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1639 posts) -

Probably going to try to get as much out of Twisted Metal as I can, and when I'm not doing that I'll be leveling in GCI...  Other than that, I'll be laying in wait

#8 Posted by Spoonman671 (4633 posts) -

Twisted Metal comes out this week.  That should do it.
I'll also be busy marveling at how tiny the Vita memory cards are, as I just received my 32GB card in the mail today and it's the ittiest bittiest thing.

#9 Posted by phantomzxro (1577 posts) -

Well I still have many consoles games to get back too such a portal 2, deux ex, dead space 2. But as far as 3ds i will get Tales of abyss too but i already have quite a few games on the 3ds a still need to beat Ghost recon, zelda, SMT devil survivor overclocked. So i'm good until the vita comes out but i still can't wait for it.

#10 Posted by Starclopsofish (88 posts) -

Finishing my Platinum on Resonance of Fate. As it turns out, its quite a bit easier starting at level 300 than it was at level 3. Go figure.

#11 Posted by flomby (62 posts) -

Already got Uncharted in the mail from amazon, also ordering an 8gb memory card so probably gonna check out the downloadable offerings when the vita arrives next week. Super Stardust definitely looking good so far.

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