What ps1 game are you playing on your Vita?

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Currently playing Symphony of the Night for the first time on the Vita. I feel so gothic whilst commuting to work, it so nasty. As a teenager I had a N64 but bought a ps1 slim late in it's life cycle with MGS, Resident Evil 1 and 2, Dino Crisis 1 and 2 but never played Castlevania. I can tell you as someone who is coming to this game new, that the game certainly holds up and more so. A classic experience no doubt

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I've been playing vita games exclusively on it, but I did try out Final Fantasy 9 and it looks great on it.

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Tried Dino Crisis 1. Damn that game is hard. I just stopped. Didn't really know where to go and the dinosaurs destroy you with ease. Games are so much easier these days!

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I was playing FF Tactics and then P4G came out.

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Tomba! Still a great game after all these years.

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Edit: I have Final Fantasy 9 and Wild Arms. Although I haven't played them in a while. I really need to finish them.

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Just got my Vita today; but own Twisted Metal 2, Final Fantasy 9, and Silent Hill on my PSN.

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Still playing Final Fantasy 9 whenever I get tired of Vita games. I haven't made much progress; I've played it too many times :/

I'd love to finish it so I can move onto every damn Final Fantasy PS1 game I bought during the sale a few months back (Read: all but FF9 was purchased at that time; fire sale). Guess I should play... FF8 next?

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on mine i have final fantasy 9 (my first FF), crash bandicoot, kula world, kurushi final, abe's oddysee and umjammer lammy. um jammer lammy is a pretty bad port, seems out of sync

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Recently purchased and started playing Spyro The Dragon.

Never got to play it as a kid only a demo from the Winter Releases '98 disc. This game is pretty cool.

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I've played almost all the way through Symphony of the Night after they played on Unprofessional Fridays (the first time.) I've been thinking about playing FF7 or maybe Tomba, but I still need to buy the latter.

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I'm playing through SoTN too - just got to the reverse castle. The music is incredible, the only problem is the EU PSN only has the 50hz port of the game. Makes it easier, I suppose, but damnnnn.

Also got FF9, but I won't crack it open for a while.

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Parasite Eve its like resident evil but without bad controls and a combat systen like Nier.

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I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics, but then I forgot that the game doesn't auto-save when you finish a map. I got wiped in a random encounter, lost 3+ hours of progress, rage quit. I'll get back to it eventually.

I also put in some serious time in Resident Evil 2. I beat it way back when on the N64, but it's fun going back through it.

Oh one more: I bought Castlevania Chronicles X and unlocked Symphony of the Night in it. It has new dialogue, which was a huge bummer when I found out, but the gameplay is intact. I've put way more time in SOTN than in the actual game!

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None, but one day I plan to play through Alundra on it. I love that game, and highly recommend it if any of you dig the old Zelda games and have never played Alundra.

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I just finished Persona 4 Golden at 75 hours so I'm probably going to move on to FFVI which I never got around to playing when I was younger.

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@squidc00kie: Be warned! The PS1 versions of the Square SNES JRPGS (ie the FF games before 7 and Chrono Trigger) all have horrible load times. If you've never played them before you might not notice it, but otherwise it's gonna piss you off something fierce.

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Just bought Vagrant Story for 3 bucks fiddy yesterday. Plan on replaying it some day. One of the few classics I loved, but never finished. I just had other priorities back then. I also saw Front Mission 3 on the store, which I remember being awesome. Guess I already own a bunch of Final Fantasy games, though I find the older ones stemming from the PS1 anthology version to be rather crummy due to the loading times, which were non-existent in the SNES versions fo those games.

For the most parts though, I'll be sticking with PSP games, because unlike the PS1 games, I've played none of those. Since I kinda hit a wall in MHFU, standing in front of Kushala Daora and Tigrex, I decided to move on to a new game today.

Not yet sure what it'll be. Might even take the plunge with Vagrant Story, which I remember to be quite the complexity beast.

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Yeah I wouldn't even attempt playing Vagrant Story again without having a FAQ handy. All I remember is that you could customize your weapon in crazy ways but none of it was explained ever.

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I didn't expect so many people to be playing Final Fantasy 9.

I've played some of it recently, but on a PSP.

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Is tony Hawk avaliable? Lol.

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FF VII. I haven't played it before, so I figure I owe it to myself to give it a shot. Enjoying it so far.

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Yeah I wouldn't even attempt playing Vagrant Story again without having a FAQ handy. All I remember is that you could customize your weapon in crazy ways but none of it was explained ever.

The funny thing is, the weapon stuff is not even that important; it's mainly the weapon type that matters. So you just swap between blunt, slash, pierce, regardless of weapon affinity, and it's way more enjoyable.

Back on topic, I haven't gotten a vita yet (waiting to make sure I pass the 3-month probation period at my new job before I drop cash for one), but I did just finish Crash Bandicoot 2, and finally decided to pick up Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. It's a game I've always heard about, but for whatever reason, I never tried it.

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The only one I bought so far is Dino Crisis 1. Mainly because I had it way back in the day and never finished it. If i complete it, I might get another game I had, but never finished, Wild Arms.

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I've been playing Final Fantasy VIII,Harvest Moon Back to Nature,and Front Mission 3. I plan on buying more, as there are alot of ps1 games I missed out on way back when.

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I've been playing Tomb Raider and liking it ... the silence of the caves can make it kinda tense. Jumping Flash out of curiosity ... it's not too bad, but has aged.

I love low poly games more than 8/16-bit stuff... I think that'll be the next wave of indie darlings.

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Need to get Tomba on mine sometime soon. Still wish the Crash and Spyro games would release.

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Nothing, as of yet. However, I've been thinking of diving into one of the Harvest Moon games.

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I tried to play MGS1, but it's got this really weird issue where codec conversations run in super slow motion, so I promptly stopped.

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MGS1, FFIX, SOTN, FM3, other acronyms and mother truckin' Grandia.

I would buy a PSN version of Silent Bomber in a heartbeat. Only in Japan, figures.

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Only PS1 game on my Vita is SotN. I mean, what other PS1 game do you even need?

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At the moment, Legend of Dragoon. I always wanted to finish it so the Vita is making that a possibility.

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RE 1-3 and Parasite Eve to remind me how great survival horror games used to be before they got turned to shit in this gen.

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@vextroid said:

Recently purchased and started playing Spyro The Dragon.

Never got to play it as a kid only a demo from the Winter Releases '98 disc. This game is pretty cool.

Oh dude, is it Year of the Dragon? I LOVED that game!

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