Whatcha guys think, should I pick this up? (A few other concerns)

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Now, I wouldn't be asking this if it wasn't for the recently released teaser of the predicted,"PS4".

Just to clear things up, I know I would be completely happy with a Vita. It has a good list of games I would love to get into. (Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Wipeout, Killzone Mercenaries, and some generic TPS named Unit 13... which for some reason, I find appealing)

Although, there is no way in hell I'm going to miss out on the new generation of consoles. Even though I'm mainly a PC gamer, I don't want to miss out on the awesome exclusives. After seeing the PS3 launch price, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to salvage a bit of cash for the new gen.

Here's the thing though... I just started paying bills for the first time in my life. I can't go on those gaming shopping sprees I used to be able to pull off. So my main question is... should I just save my money slowly, saving enough to pick up a new gen console in the future... or should I just get into that sweet Vita experience?

I appreciate any opinions or thoughts posted. Have a good one dudebros!

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If money is really tight, I'd just start saving in general. Wait for there to be a sale on the Vita (maybe something like Amazon's Black Friday deal might pop up again).

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Not yet anyway.

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Wait for a sale on the Vita and memory cards and pick one up along with a Playstation Plus subscription. I love my Vita but reading how you have other responsibilities now you should maybe wait for a sale/price drop if you really want one and a Plus subscription covers a lot of games, Uncharted, Wipeout, Gravity Rush etc.

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@Lukeweizer: Truth be told. I wouldn't mind seeing it drop to $200 hahah. 3 posts in and I'm almost completely convinced already.

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Wooooo. Ys Celceta this fall!

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If you're tight on cash, I'm not sure if going for a next gen system right off the bat is a great idea either - games will be full price, and you might not be able to get the most out of the system on a budget. I'd probably recommend being on the lookout for a good deal on a Vita, and then getting PlayStation Plus for a nice supply of games on the cheap. Then you can hold-off a bit on the next gen until prices come down.

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@Live2bRighteous said:

Truth be told. I wouldn't mind seeing it drop to $200 hahah. 3 posts in and I'm almost completely convinced already.

Well, if you happen to be Canadian, Futureshop is selling the AC:Liberation bundle for $200 right now

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@MildMolasses: Sadly, I'm in the US. Thanks for the info though! That price would have been soooo tempting.

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If anything, you should maybe buy a PS+ subscription now so that you have a nice supply of games when you finally get your Vita. 
Since you don't get access to the previous PS+ games unless you put them on your download list, it would be smart to get it now even if you can't really use it.   
I'm pretty sure that's how it works at least.

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I've heard there are dudes who still have unopened Assassins Creed bundles for sale, just sayin you could consider PM'ing them ;)

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@Live2bRighteous: Saving your money is a good idea. You need to be sure you are financially sound before dropping money on something like that.

However, missing out on PlayStation Plus games is stupid. It seems like you have a PS3 so you should get that now and start stocking up on games while the going is good, and since you're primarily on your PC you can just use the new webstore to add all of that stuff to your account.

I love my Vita and I would encourage most people to get one, but until you have the money to afford a drop like that, I wouldn't go all in. Price cuts remain to be seen, but if you aren't dying to play Persona 4, don't buy in just yet. I suggest using Mint.com or a similar tool to make sure you can afford a Vita while having the cash for the unexpected.

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Only you know and are in control of your own money situation - but I bought a Vita about a month ago and i'm absolutely in love with it. It's such a cool little system. I hope more people get them and this thing remains fully supported!

If you can afford it, I'd definitely recommend one.

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