Trying to remember PS1 game

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I'm trying to help someone figure out a title of a game she played back in the day on the PS1. A few clues we have to go off of:

  • Was a Shooter - Probably FPS but, possibly a mix of FPS and TPS
  • Not on earth, you shot bugs/aliens that looked a lot like the Bug creatures from StarShip Troopers.
  • Most of, if not all, was set in a winter like levels, sometimes caves.
  • You had a "base", A climbable tower near by
  • Had a very similar feel to that of Lost planet.
  • 90% sure it was PS1... slight chance it may be PS2.
  • Game case/artwork was remembered as very plain, possibly used a lot of white space.

Any help to finding this title will be greatly appreciated.

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@hush404: Starship Troopers, eh?

Is it Armorines?

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It sounds vaguely like a game in the Earth Defense Force franchise, except for the base thing. I'll keep a lookout for it.

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@ESREVER: Wow, thanks, that IS the game she was talking about (confirmed just now), you're a life saver ^_^ We hunted for hours! She (The Queen) thanks you a thousand times over :).

@LikeaSsur: We were looking at that series, but it wasn't hitting exactly what she was describing. Thanks a bunch though :).

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