What old Playstation game am I thinking of?

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I only remember so much. And I am not positive it is on Playstation 1, or 2. But I am fairly sure its on Playstation 1...

The game had this stuff going on in it:

-bomberman style mixed with japanese anime

-plant bombs and defuse them

-arena style gameplay

-levels were "darker" colored

-arena would be "block" like, meaning bombs could only be planting in the "block/box" like floor

-try to kill your opponent by planting bombs and detonating on them

-the characters would sort of "glide" across the arena

Just a really fun game that I remembered and cannot for the life of me think of the title or anything that would cause Google to bring it up. I tried for 45 minutes typing combinations of things to get an image or a link to something.

I really just remember it as a bomb planting and defusing game that was addicting. And had anime style character design.

Silent Bomber is the game that reminded me of this one, but Silent Bomber is not it that is for sure. This game may even be for a different system, such a N64, but I truly believe it is on Playstation 1 or 2.

Thanks everyone! I'm getting back into Playstation 1 games all of a sudden.

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Blast chamber for Psone sorry can't link posting from my phone.

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@Rave: Unfortunately no. But that game looked interestingly fun.

The game I am talking about isn't as action filled and cluttered.

It is 3rd person, you only plant and defuse bombs. You can acquire specialty bombs if I remember correctly.

I don't remember it being coop or multiplayer, only single player. And I think you would only face 1 enemy if anything...

Other than that, it was sort of a puzzle bomb game I suppose.

Keep trying people! Thanks!!!

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@Rave said:

Blast chamber

Blast Chamber was a killer game(on Saturn) but I dont think thats what he is looking for. It wasnt very Bomberman-like.

@heathhh: Might be a long shot but was it this game? Taiketsu Rumiizu!

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Yeah damn over looked the anime design he mentioned. This is a tough one I loved bomber man and can't really think of many other games like it. Taiketsu Rumiizu! Looks nuts and like such a crazy bomber man ripoff lol

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@Atramentous: That isn't it either.

This game was what I remember, very detailed in animation for what it was, and was probably teen rated or higher. You killed your opponent. It wasn't kid like at all, with the characters or levels or action side of it.

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Maybe I should not have said "anime". It wasn't kid like at all in my opinion. Sorta gritty? Hard to explain besides a puzzle like game where you would plant bombs and defuse bombs on a small map, where you could see your opponent planting bombs across the map from you and he could see you. You could defuse each others bombs, or damage to kill them with your bombs (I think they only detonated if they defused them improperly, not sure if they were remote detonate).

I really appreciate your help everyone! It could be more so PS2 than 1...Oh how this memory is eluding me.

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@Chocobomoshpit: That is exactly right! Thank you.

Instead of "bombs" I should have been searching for "traps". Great job!

What made you think of it off the bat?

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It's sitting right next to me on a shelf. Haha... enjoy!

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