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Plok is the red and yellow disjointed hero of his own self titled game, Plok. His primary ability is that he is able to detach his limbs and throw them in a boomerang-like manner in order to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. In addition, Plok is able to don special outfits that grant him special abilities and operate a wide array of vehicles ranging from unicycles to UFOs. Plok is the king of the island of Akrillic in the Poly-Esta archipelago. He is dedicated to carrying on the legacy of his grandpappy by keeping his flag flying high over his home and keeping his own Plok banner flying all over the island of Akrillic. Plok tirelessly defends his realm from the scourge of Fleas and their Shprouts allies that dare to invade his land and challenge his rule.


Plok was originally created during the late 80's by brothers John and Ste Pickford. John first conceived of Plok as a guy wearing a hangman's hood, and this design premise shows through into the final iteration of the character. The name of character came about by accident when John was randomly sticking the letters from a video tape label onto his computer mouse. The character was originally intended to be used in the Zippo Games developed coin-op game Fleapit. However, the development of that game was put on hold when it was about half complete and was eventually completely lost when Zippo Games closed its doors. The Pickford brothers however managed to retain the intellectual property rights to the basic game and character design. Taking their ideas with them to Software Creations (later called Acclaim Studios Manchester), the brothers were finally able to present their zany character to the public with the release of Plok in 1993.

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