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Over-sized Plums have been a staple of the Rayman series ever since Rayman. Plums are a purple fruit that in the series grow to a size bigger than Rayman's head. When lost, they grow back fast. Aside from Cages, they are the only item that has appeared in all of the major Rayman games.



In the first Rayman game, plums are used to float through the swamps. Rayman must hit the plum to move it. When on top, he must make sure that the rebound of his fist hits the plum. Then, when in water/liquid, all Rayman needs to do to change direction, is turn around. They can also be thrown on the heads of Livingstones (an enemy in the Dream Forest), to make them harmless.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

In this game, Rayman also uses the plum to travel on harsh surfaces (lava in this case). He can move the plum by shooting it with his energy orb attack. Also, when riding a plum, shooting an energy orb makes the plum float in the opposite direction. Rayman can also chuck plums onto various posts to get to out-of-reach places. They may fall off the post after a short period of time, indicating that Rayman must take them to a specific location. Plums can also be used to combat Ape Pirates. By throwing a plum on their heads, they turn into harmless, immobile foes. Then Rayman can run right past them, or jump on their heads to get to hard to reach places. Plums are never static, as they are always bouncing around, be it on the ground or on lava. They are not invincible however, and are destroyed when they bounce onto the super-hot yellow lava, among other surfaces.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Plums have taken a back seat as far as items go, and in this game, their sole purpose is to be thrown onto posts to get to high places.

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