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A plummeting enemy is usually a dead one. Plummeting enemies can be a result of two things. 

Poor A.I.

The enemy is out of luck, he's got poor A.I. The player is perhaps on the other side of a ditch or not on the same level as the player. The enemy walks in the general direction of the the player without taking into account what is in between them. This happens alot with zombies as they are usually programmed just to walk towards you and attack you. Sometimes you can use this to your advantage. Some games even use this as a game mechanic. In Left 4 Dead 2, zombies are attracted by boomer bile. Throw some out the window and you can be sure that zombies will follow. 

The Player

The player can some times do a move that sends enemies plummeting to their doom. For example, if he's hanging from a ledge, he can grab an enemy and send him falling. This is a very useful stealth move and used in most games that have you hanging off ledges. In some games like Watchmen, you can throw enemies off a cliff and to their death. The most frustating thing is when a plummeting enemy isn't killed by his fall and only suffer fall damage

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