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Main Areas

Purto Pollo

Puerto Pollo

The main port of the island, it is located on the south-eastern side. Located by it is the seaside fortress of Governor Elaine Marley.  The main attraction for many is the local Shakespearean theater. It is also home to local lemonade salesman Kenny Falmouth, as well as Blondebeard's Chicken Shoppe.

Guybrush inside the Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast

The island's local barbershop complete with a barbershop trio.  The trio consists of Haggis McMutton, Cutthroat Bill, and Edward Van Helgen.

Guybrush at the Beach Club

Brimstone Beach Club

The beach club is divided into two locations, the Cabana and Brimstone Beach.  The cabana consists of a cabana boy cooking hot dogs, while the beach is hot and sandy.

 Snake Cliff

Snake Cliff

A cliff with lots of various assorted items.  It also features a "Snake crossing" sign to warn folks about the crossing snakes.
Guybrush speaing to the Voodoo Lady

Voodoo 'n' Things

Located in the local swamp, this is the Voodoo Lady's most recent shop, which has been constructed from an old abandoned ship.  She, as always, can give Guybrush some advice on what to do next.

Danjer Cove

Danjer Cove

A small coves off to the side of the island where some pirates have dropped anchor, waiting to start some mischief.

 Guybrush playing caber toss with Haggis

Caber Toss Field

A field where the traditional Scottish game of Caber Toss is played.  An area that is favored by local Scotsman Haggis McMutton.

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