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i didnt expect another 8-4 play so soon! i'm going to listen to it right now! cant wait. love you guys!

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My favorite fortnightly podcast, back again.

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I like when they talk about Nintendo. It is all of the time.

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Finally info on 8-4 direct from the source.

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I kinda miss the time when there were no achievements, no artificial bullshit to complete, when it was just me and the game. I'm actually intrigued by a gaming platform without achievements.

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As someone who was completely burned by the launch of FF14, that final "trailer" practically sold me on coming back to it when it reboots. I felt more emotion for that old Elvaan (or whatever they're called in FFXIV) dude than anyone in all of FFXIII; I have to agree that it felt like "Final Fantasy" more than anything else they've done recently. There wasn't even a line of dialogue in it, which probably speaks highly of why the FMV in FF7 through FF9 were so good; they spoke with visuals. I'm rooting for SE to bring it all back around with fingers crossed.

I think it's silly of Nintendo to leave out achievements, but on a personal level, I could do without them entirely. I think we underestimate the impact they've had on developers. They have to treat all their games as closed products to prevent "cheaters", even for single player titles. It's half the reason we don't see cheat or debug modes anymore.

And even though they're probably easy to program into their games, it still probably eats up an entire day of a developers time just to do them; moreso if they actually make them complex. Every single day a game is extended in development it extends the cost of making them, so I'd rather it not be required for developers to bother with them.

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GB: Weapon sounds are awesome! Soundtrack pretty forgettable.

8-4: Sound effects and especially the weapon sounds are lame. Soundtrack is EPIC!


EDIT: The topic was Halo 4.

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Loved the Obama yell, looking forward to Xillia.

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Podcast picture tells a thousand words: Someone put a tack in Reggie's chair, and his body was not ready.

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What the hell are Projects X and Z?

X is the largest project they've done, which given that they did a DQ6, limits it to RPGs. The only things to jump out at me are:

1) Ni No Kuni was dumped in their laps at the last minute. But given that the game comes out in January, shouldn't translation have been long done by now?

2) Phantasy Star Online 2. But why contract out translation for an MMO, when you know you will have additional content coming out. And would PSO2 even be bigger than DQ6?

3) Hyperdimension Neptunia 3. I don't know anything about the series to know if this is a realistic option.

Z is beautiful. The only beautiful project I can think of that 8-4 would be given is Wonderful 101. But the guys claimed to have no familiarity with the Wii-U at the end.

I'm lost.

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Hearing them talk about what they like and don't about Grand Theft Auto games was cringe worthy. They want another LA Noire which is exactly the opposite of what everyone wants from Rockstar. That game was a flop for a reason.

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god get it right, it's CLOWNPENIS.FART!!!!!!!

Posted by Seriousface

I want a big version of that picture of Reggie.

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Oh man, the GI Joe thing. Good zinger.

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@Islaja: Jeff said Halo 4's music is outstanding in his review.

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@Deusx: They're pretty much backwards about everything. I have a feeling it's akin to some sort of Stockholm Syndrome, despite them not being held captive by the Japanese gaming industry.

I swear, it's like they purposely find a point about a game everyone else likes and says "nope," just for the sake of being different. There's no way in hell the weapon SFX in Halo 4 sound "stupid."

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@CaptainSandwich: Yeah, I don't really want to blame them for that because everyone has different cultural sensibilities. I still enjoy what they have to say, it's nice to hear a different point of view about things. Especially with how the GB Crew operates these days. You pretty much know if they are going to like a game or not just by reading the feature list.

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I've never played it before but... you guys have me hyped for Animal Crossing. Sounds fun! :)

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@Deusx said:

Hearing them talk about what they like and don't about Grand Theft Auto games was cringe worthy. They want another LA Noire which is exactly the opposite of what everyone wants from Rockstar. That game was a flop for a reason.

LA Noire sold something around 5 million copies, it's not GTA money but it's hardly a "flop".

Posted by CaptainSandwich

@Deusx: Mark says he always hated the original gameboy, due to graphic fidelity, spinach-green monochrome, and other such assorted bullshit.

Such a man, who could not appreciate the very fact that video games could become portable, deserves no respect in this line of work. ZERO. Either that, or he's trying to front, like he understood HD 20 years before it happened. Either way, he's a goddamned egomaniac with a stable of weaker personalities who simply cannot keep him in check the way our old buddies at 1up could.

Please, defend him. I hate this show, but i listen BECAUSE I want to hear the other side...the culturally biased side, by way of slight ex-patriotism, which feels like it sprang from a love for paying $30 for sixty minutes of animé back in 1998. I want to know what validation you, or anyone else gets from this farce.

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@CaptainSandwich: What on earth is wrong with you... I mean, I disagreed with their opinion on some games, but what a rant...

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The Halo 4 hyperbole in this podcast is hilarious. Especially talking about how good the story is. The story...is non existent.

While I personally don't care about achievements I recognize a lot of people DO care. Saying achievements are last gen is a dumb statement and really does make him sound like a Nintendo fanboy and apologist. In fact, this was the almost the same type of argument made by Wii supporters and Nintendo fanboys earlier this generation.

Also...strange that only 8-4 Play seems to be the only people I've heard down on Playstation Plus in the last 6 months. I guess if Dragon Quest isn't on the system then it doesn't exist to them at this point.

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Just to throw this out there, the re-designs on the Covenant side are from the 4 year wait in Forward Unto Dawn, and this splinter of covvies is one that adheres to the old religion.

Although I do agree with the sound effects, but not on the weapons. I love the way the weapons sound, very deep and booming. However, some of the sound effects in cutscenes (like when Chief gets whipped against a wall by the big bad) are very muted and underwhelming.

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@Sammo21: yup. backwards.