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where is the file???

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Best intro song choice of the podcast.

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Avoiding all site content that has "Dark Souls 2" in the description. Damn delayed releases...

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"Yeh know nothin', Jean Snow."

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Yay host JJ! Fun show!

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If you are having trouble playing the file, I'm looking into it.

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I still know the VR Troopers theme!

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Works now!

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"Yeh know nothin', Jean Snow."


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Needs more Dark Souls.

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Glad to hear they're enjoying Awesomenauts! That game is good clean fun.

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the "midget" talk is pretty goddamn shitty

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Ahhh yeah!

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troopers, 3, GO! Virtual reality!

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People actively don't like the way Dark Souls 2 looks?? It definitely looks wayyy better than the first game, much smoother/more detailed animations, more colorful and varied environments, and I mean, they probably changed the way it looks from the early version of the game because they wanted the frame rate to be solid. It's still a lovely looking game with a great art direction. I went into it knowing it was a sequel to the technically weak and visually bleak Dark (and Demon's) Souls and released on an almost decade-old console, I don't know why people had such crazy expectations.

Early versions of game in general always look pretty different as well.