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Perfect podcast to end my workweek!

Posted by Drakir

Great! love you guys and girls!

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Hey there small businessman...

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What a great end to the week. Thanks!

Posted by nomtank

Small Business Owner ain't got shit on Small Business Man

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"Hey there Small Business Owner!"

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Soccer in not big here.

Posted by Brake

Obscure Seinfeld references, ho!

Posted by Chicken008

That free game with the purchase Mario Kart 8 deal is for retail copies too.

Posted by AMyggen

@brake: Not sure how obscure that reference is, really. One of the more famous Seinfeld quotes I'd say.

Posted by lord_python

@brake: I hate the brake! Hate the brake!

Posted by dropabombonit

Nice to get this during golden week here in Japan. I finally have time off work after 3 months of non stop teaching. I will savor this 8-4 Play podcast

Posted by Lausebub

Soccer in not big here.

It's getting there: http://www.espnfc.com/news/story/_/id/1740529/mls-catches-mlb-popularity-kids-says-espn-poll

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Loved the Bombcast reference with that ad!

Posted by UncleBenny

My Impression of this episode: Yokai Watch? Yokai watch yokai watch? medal? Yokai watch medal medal yokai watch.

and then they talked about something else but it's too late, all I can hear is YO! Kai! Watch!

Posted by ChrisTaran

Small Business Owner was great btw, guys :)