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I was wondering why there hadn't been one of these in a while!

Oh, and someone with Crohn's Disease, let me tell you: You don't want Crohn's Disease.

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The hype train soundbite is back! Always makes me laugh!

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The episode is too short :(

Posted by Sydlanel

COME BACK! that was too fast!

Posted by graf1k

Glad they fit one in but hopefully we get at least one more big one before E3. 8-4's methods of travel to E3 get more absurd every year and I love it.

Posted by Nigthguy

I just never get off the train

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I smell the fiery traction of the train a comin'

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Always ready for more HYPE TRAIN.

Posted by joeshabadoo

lol the fucking Symphony X at the end

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It took 63 minutes but I finally heard the best sound clip of the year!

Posted by Possumjones

If it is Crohn's Disease, I believe herion is good for that.

Posted by Suits

I guess that miserable scooter song they conceived here at one point is known worldwide :S