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Stoped at "game journalism is advertising". 8-4 I think we need to see other people.

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fresh from Japan

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Awwww yiss.

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E3 hype train is now the annual, official thing that officially and annually makes E3 real for me.

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The best 8-4 Play of year! I love the E3 HYPE TRAIN!!!!! every year.

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This is greater than Mario Kart 8 releasing today! E3 Hype Traaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

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generally agree, but Mark's rage at the the Xbox One policies of last year was really something special.

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The E3 Hype Train™ chugs on into the ether.

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IMDABES reference!

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"Keep going, nothing can stop the hype train!"

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I think I will listen due to hype train.

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Hype Traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

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A week without Mark is a sad one!

Edit: This is a terrible episode :(

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The first 10 seconds of this podcast are perfect.

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Really was not expecting to see ToQ-Oh on the front page of Giant Bomb today! D:

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Was this recorded before the Beast Souls stuff leaked or after? Are they on the Beast Souls HYPE TRAIN?

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Sorry to be a downer but without Mark and John this was a total mess. The E3 show is usually the best show of the year but this was not that. JJ, you are amazing and the other guys on the show today seem like great guys but this was not the E3 hype train show I was hoping for.

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Nothing stops the E3 HYPE TRAIN.

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Mass Effect style Star Fox? Man, I would finally but a Wii U for that, if it happens.

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Go Go ToQ-Oh!

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All Aboard!

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I did miss Mark, but I still thought this was a hilarious episode.

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Esteban was amazing and I would like him more one the podcast. He had that back and forth that is usually missing if Mark isn't there.

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So with Gaim and Baron making an appearance in December and a certain robot up on this podcast, I feel like tokusatsu is slowly infiltrating the website. Don't mind me, I'll just be laughing evilly in the corner over here.

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The Yo-Kai is real.

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You know nothing Jean Snow

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JJ saying shit like "Mario Kart looks better than anything on PS4" is why I can't take his opinion seriously ever. Obviously he's entitled to his opinions but, so is Glenn Beck, you know? Doesn't mean it's not an insane opinion...

Esteban was awesome.

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The Hype train has officially left the station. E3 HYPE TRAINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have to say...this was the weakest E3 Hype Train episode yet. The Sony predictions were lame and seemingly out of touch in my opinion. I thought they would have had realistic predictions but it turned out to be horseshit. :| People, whether they were or not, felt like they were obligatorily saying nice things about Microsoft when they couldn't care less. Also, feeling like Nintendo is going to "win e3" in any capacity is hilarious.

@graf1k I totally agree. When I heard him say that I was like...what? I've heard lots of people say that but they are all Nintendo fanboys who freak anytime anything comes out on the WiiU.

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ive waited all year for this. E3 HYPE TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All these comments and not a single mention that the TOQYUGER MECH IS IN THE PODCAST SCREENCAP! What is up with the trains?

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Didn't realize GB had so many toku fans :) I'll be sure to throw in more references!

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I like the fact that JJ is still holding onto hope that Nintendo will show something new.

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Now I remember why I stopped listening to 8-4 Play.

2K isn't allowed to make a new NFL game, they don't have the rights to the license, EA does. This has been the case for almost 10 years. Come on dude.

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ouch, yea, this was the worst episode in a while. and i really like JJ.

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Great episode. Love JJ and glad to see him vindicated on his Nintendo prediction.

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this Esteban kid is driving me up the fucking wall. absolutely obnoxious